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January 11, 2007
Austin Chronicle Review- "Wait and Hope: New Works by Katy O'Connor"/"Restless Timber: New Works by Jennifer Drummond"

January 04, 2007
Chronicle Article- "Top 10 Visual Art Things of 2006"

January 02, 2007
Emvergeoning Art Blog Review- "Take Me to Bedlam or Lose Me Forever"

December22, 2006
Austin Monthly- The Fine Art of Austin

December22, 2006
Austin Chronicle Review- "take me to bed or lose me forever"

December12, 2006
XL Weekend Reviews- 'Take Me To Bed Or Lose Me Forever'

November 15, 2006
That Other Paper- Volitant Gallery

November 13, 2006
Austin Chronicle Column, After a Fashion- U-Genics

November 07, 2006
Undecided Review- Terri Thomas’ “U-Genics“

October 17, 2006
'Bout What I Sees- U-Genics

October 01, 2006
In the Works: An Art Blog- U-Genics Review

September 30, 2006
Cantanker Review- Matthew Rodriguez at Volitant Gallery

September 21, 2006
Austin Chronicle Column, After a Fashion- Conde Nast (The Long Drive South; duck, duck, GOOSE)

September 01, 2006
Austin Chronicle Review- "The Long Drive South"

August 18, 2006
Austin Chronicle Feature- Matthew Rodriguez
August 07, 2006
Cantanker Review- Wild & Bushy

August 04, 2006
...Might Be Good Review- Wild and Bushy

August 01, 2006
Glass Tire Review- Tasty Tread: Austin

July 14, 2006
The Daily Texan- Artists hope to draw serious buyers (Wild and Bushy)

July 05, 2006
Austin American Satesman- The Glamour Of Daphane Park's Art

July 01, 2006
Art Papers Review- Presente Perfecto/ Perfect Present

June 30, 2006
...might be good Review- Daphane Park’s The True Originals

June 16, 2006
Austin Chronicle Review- The True Originals: Mutant Fashionistas

June 01, 2006
Austin Monthly- The Fine Art of Austin

May 15, 2006
Austin360/ Review- 'Trent Tate: Austin's Alchemist'

April 30, 2006
Art Blog- Present Perfecto @ Volitant Gallery

April 18, 2006
The Daily Texan- Contemporary Art Gallery 'Takes Flight' in Downtown Austin

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