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Armstrong’s announces the “Expressions in The Round” exhibition featuring Jim Leedy and Jeff Whyman. Jim Leedy, a colleague of Peter Voulkos and co-founder of the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, and Jeff Whyman the wood-fire explorator will showcase their transformative ceramic creations. The exhibition will run from October 16 – December 4, 2010.
Jim Leedy is well known for his abstract expressionist ceramic sculptures; he has explored the human emotional experience and inner self through color and formal vessels; all within the complex confines of the ceramic medium. His work has pushed the boundaries of clay and the former notions of clay art and sculpture. He and Peter Voulkos changed the way ceramic art was made and viewed today. Jim’s works are heavy with color and are grounded with a pulling, tearing movement. They feel as though they carry the weight of the artist life on their backs; some are whimsical while others look as though they portray the traumas of our war torn world. It is quite evident why these works are called art and why they are included in the abstract expressionist movement. These historical works that paved the way for ceramic art can now be seen at Armstrong’s.
Jeff Whyman has had the good fortune of working with his mentors Peter Volkos and Jim Leedy and has taken their ground breaking innovations to new heights. He has adopted the expressionistic dynamisms of Leedy’s work and has added chance and gravity as a design element. Jeff embeds non-traditional materials such as sea glass, unrefined crystals and minerals by throwing them at the formed sculptures and then pushes them deeper into the piece to solidify their placement. The chance placement of these design elements relay solely to the gravitational pull of the earth and Whyman likens this approach to the same chance placement as the stars in the sky. He allows the atmosphere of the wood-fired kiln to wrap around the body of the sculptures and imbue the life of the fire on the art. Jeff uses the happenstance of life to help create his work, while Jim uses the experiences of his life to help direct the creation of his work. Join us in welcoming Jim Leedy and Jeff Whyman and their ‘Expressions’ to the city of Pomona.
Armstrong’s is located at 150 East 3rd Street Pomona, Calif., 91766. The gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 4: 30 p.m. and every second Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. A reception for the “Expressions in The Round” exhibition will open on Saturday November 13 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. This event is open and free to the public.

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