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Press Releases - Umberto Di Marino Arte Contemporanea, Naples

Alberto Di Fabio
May 9 - September 30, 2007

The Umberto Di Marino Arte Contemporanea Gallery is glad to present, on Wednesday 9th May 2007, the solo show by Alberto Di Fabio titled Sinestesia, for the first time in the Neapolitan seat.
For a long time the artist’s attention has been concentrating on the analysis of the natural forms; through the process of decomposition his works revise primordial organic forms, such as cells, DNA and neurons. The great tradition of the abstract painting has always been inspired by the matter, that – at the end of the artistic process – is lifted up to the highest spheres of the knowledge, recovering in this way a consonance between order and chaos. Alberto Di Fabio’s latest research centres specially on the structure of the mind, of the neurons and their synapsis, discovering the most mysterious parts of our brain.
One can define the synesthesis as a phenomenon that causes the perception of certain stimulus together with particular images (often recurrent) , coming from another sensory condition; essentially it’s an analysis of the reality that takes into consideration different levels – not only the real visual one, but also the olfactory, auditive, tactile and gustative ones – giving the man a more complete dimension of the world that surrounds him. A day-life full of worries, ambitions and the frantic rhythm of perception continuously change our structure, too.
For the solo exhibition at Umberto Di Marino Arte Contemporanea Gallery it will be presented a series of works intentionally imagined for the occasion. Entering the first room, the hypnotic effect of the huge installation, that occupies the whole space, carries the viewers into another dimension, near those cosmic nebulas from which everything arose. The disposition of the canvas papers, that follows the orthogonal axes, creates a scheme where the beauty of the nature and an architecture inspired to the Rationalism live together. Instead, in the two following rooms, Alberto Di Fabio focuses on canvas in a large size – as under the glass of a microscope – the typical elements of his painting and of his reflections, enlarging excessively the particulars, adding details and dwelling on the technical – manual labour, in order to come to a perfect union between micro and mega, science and aesthetic, life and art.
In autumn the artist will be in Milan at Pack Gallery and in London at Gagosian Gallery, with two new solo shows strictly connected with the one in Naples, that further develop the dealed themes.

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