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anar.C.ORD, or the reconquest of sense in art
Gian Ruggero Manzoni

"Anar.c.ord"... or, perhaps, "Amarcord" ? This latter word has a Fellinian ring, as it means, in Romagna's dialect, "I remember" (perhaps remember the time when artists were so). By the same token, and more loudly, "Anar.c.ord" can evoke anarchy or what we may call 'anarcotic', namely, anarchic thought, the most unbound, the purest one, the one devoted to a loving connexion with one's likes and with Nature. The one that brings us to an existential absolute.
I think that Anar.c.ord (a neologism we coined for this very occurrence) can be made to embody both the meanings I have suggested, as it represents the coming together of six hearty artists (Bandini, Denicolò, Kotliarsky, Neretti-Nero, Pancino, Pachon), all of them working in Faenza, Romagna, who chose clay and other similarly poor materials tied to tradition, in order to express themselves and, in a sense, declare themselves living in a world where existence - its meaning and expression - heads for the future, amidst enormous adversities.
How to react from their viewpoint to such an alienating condition ? By facing the artist's creation with the tranquillity of him who masters his poetic panoply, and exploits it thoroughly, without hiding or showing off, and without taking advantage of it; they prove their faith in this, and often give a playful or ironic twist to their optimistic attitude. Sometimes, though, if needed, they are able to expose the wound, while trying hard to reach a sort of harmonic catharsis engulfing their individual being as well as the seamsless whole where they belong.

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