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„Helga Philipp is rightly considered a pioneer of Concrete Art and Op Art in Austria nowadays “ wrote the art historian Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer in the catalogue of the posthumous retrospective of the artist in the Landesmuseum NÖ, St. Pölten.
Not that Helga Philipp was unknown during her lifetime; in 1967 she already participated in Werner Hofmann’s exhibition „kinetika“ in the Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts, Vienna.
Though since then the aesthetical taste had changed and Concrete Art always had a poor breeding ground in Austria.
Nowadays Concrete Art is of constant actuality and Eugen Gomringers term for Philipp’s work “the science of senses” receives a new meaning.
With a selection of works from the 1960/70ies we want to show that Helga Philipp, who worked with superbly precision, absorbed all kinds of Op Art, Concrete Art and Kinetic Art in her Oeuvre. She did not go through a process of separation, instead in the true tradition of Avant-Garde she worked linearly and developed.
Helga Philipp’s examination of the fundamental questions of aesthetical perception proves its actuality. Media reality, second reality and virtual reality are major aspects of her works. They operate with the logical network of key terms of her time: beholder, image, movement, space, light and change.
„Circle, rectangle and square, rectangle and polygon were not objective platonic solids for Helga Philipp, but elements of the game of combinatory with the beholder in its centre.” (freely translated after: Peter Weibel, Helga Philipp. The picture and the beholder, a new equation in painting, 2010.)
With ease and simple means she forwarded the space of perception to a realm of thought using simple resources of Minimal and Concept Art.

Helga Philipp (1939-Vienna-2002) worked as a professor at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna from 1965 until her death and accompanied generations of female and male artists.

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