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NOWhere Limited Gallery presents
“The Visual Art of Mark Mothersbaugh: RUGS! RUGS! RUGS!”
May 30 - June 27, 2009

Opening reception: Saturday afternoon, May 30th, time TBA
The artist will be in attendance either in person or via live video conference.

NOWhere Limited Gallery in Nederland, Colorado is pleased to announce a solo exhibit of fine art by Mark Mothersbaugh. The exhibit features a dozen stunningly designed area rugs, each depicting a scene from the artist's vast and vivid imagination.

Mark Mothersbaugh, well-known as a founding member of the innovative band DEVO, has been creating artwork in many forms for more than 3 decades. His love of visual art began in childhood, just after it was discovered that he was extremely nearsighted and legally blind. His first correctional glasses offered the young Mothersbaugh a new view of the world, fueling a lifelong infatuation with imagery and illustrations.

Mark's recent visual artwork has been largely inspired by his 30-year habit of creating handmade postcards to send to friends from various stops on DEVO tours. This obsession has evolved into a visual diary that currently yields the artist 1-25 new images per day. These images have served as the basis for the artist's critically acclaimed solo shows of the 80s/90s as well as for his "gallery tours" which have been occurring at art venues throughout the globe since 2003.

With DEVO, Mothersbaugh's most recognized music project, the artist showcases his artistic abilities to millions of fans. Through their films, videos, costumes, LP covers, stage shows, and printed materials, Mark Mothersbaugh and DEVO forever altered commonly held preconceptions of how a rock band can function in popular culture.

More information about Mark Mothersbaugh can be found at his web site:
Mutato Visual,

Info about the exhibit:

"The Visual Art of Mark Mothersbaugh: RUGS! RUGS! RUGS!" exhibit opens Saturday, May 30th. The opening reception for the exhibit coincides with the grand opening celebration for Nederland, Colorado's new Nathan Lazarus Skatepark, to be dedicated by Tony Hawk. Selected items by Mark Mothersbaugh, as well as editions by other gallery artists, will be featured from 9am - 6pm in NOWhere Limited's booth at the Skatepark Dedication Event.



NOWhere Limited Gallery is delighted to announce its latest exhibit, BLISS: IGNORANCE, opening at 4pm, Saturday, April 25, 2009. The show features works on canvas and mixed media by BLISS, a self-described "horde" of art-makers that "runs on pure ultra-concentrated joy."

Employing hyper-colored spray paint, stencils and a saucy sense of humor, BLISS adorns canvases and found objects - such as liberated road signs and defunct satellite dishes - with impulsive and absurd alterations.

The pieces included in the IGNORANCE exhibit are commentaries, with varying degrees of subtlety, on contemporary consumeristic culture. In their styles, execution and subject matters, these works nod to Pop art as well as Street art and graffiti... However, as the title of the show indicates, they can also be enjoyed without knowledge of art history, technique or other contexts.

Key components of the BLISS: IGNORANCE show include Rinse and Repeat, a series of paintings on canvas featuring a new take on Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe works from the 1960's, and Give and Take, a dishy installation inviting viewer participation.

The exhibit will be on view/available for purchase at the gallery in Nederland, Colorado April 25 through May 24, 2009 and on the NOWhere Limited web site starting Tuesday, April 28, 2009.

NOWhere Limited
Contemporary Art Gallery / Limited Editions Shop
Wolf Tongue Square, Nederland, Colorado, near Boulder
Hours: Weekends 12pm-6pm or by appointment

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