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About Independent Producer Centre Boyko

Producer Centre Boyko has been established by Boyko Valeriy Vladimirovich (1957) and Boyko Oksana Valentinovna (1969).

Founders consider the date of March, 14th, 1998 as the beginning of their professional activity. That is the day of Boyko’s family Repentance toward God.

The Centre activity divided into two periods: before the Gallery and in the Gallery. In the very beginning of the activity the Producer Centre Boyko held exhibitions in different galleries, establishments and organisations of Kiev. In 2003 it was decided to establish the own gallery. On September, 5, 2003 the presentation of the Gallery The Globus took place. The Gallery is located in the centre of the Ukraine capital city Kiev with the address: 2 Institutskaya str., Shopping Exhibition Centre The Globus Line 3, Ground Floor. The total area of two halls of the gallery makes 450 sq.m.

The gallery hosted 20 exhibitions-projects since opening. Each exhibition consisted of 473 to 1305 works. From September, 5th, 2003 till September, 5th, 2008 the Gallery presented 12000 (twelve thousand) artworks of more than 550 different schools artists from different cities and towns of Ukraine. In 2003 the Centre was holding the exhibition of the Ukrainian artists in the central Slovenia (347 works, 75 artists) throughout 11 months. In 2007-2008 - in Germany (400 works, 65 artists). All exhibitions were organised with the right to sale and purchase.

The Producer Centre has never charged the artists for being exhibited. And it has never been financed by anyone. The Centre provides artists with quality art materials: stretchers, brushes, paints. It carries out the advertising of the artists and the Gallery activity. The Centre had been highlighted in different editions and on TV broadcast. Now we have put special walls in the gallery that allow us to increase the exhibition area.

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