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Press Releases - Turner Carroll Gallery


Who: Group Show
Santa Fe, New Mexico USA 87501
When: May 25th - June 19th

TURNER CARROLL GALLERY presents Curator's Choice: Reception with the artists Friday May 25th 2007, 5 to 7:30 pm.

An exhibition that features the best of the best gallery artists with the introduction of four newcomers. The challenge to the artists was to create work that they felt best represents their expression and vision (i.e. masterpiece) and offer the pieces as a way to begin and commemorate the 2007 season.

The participating artists:

Bralt Bralds
Lia Cook
Mary Bennett
Maurice Gray
Ian Ingram
Igor Melnikov
Georges Mazilu
David Linn
Beverly McIver
Koo Schadler
Suzanne Scherer & Pavel Ouporov
Alan Valencia
Ann Weiner

Contact: Mark DiPrima or Joseph Morris


WHO: Maurice Gray

WHAT: Future With A View

WHERE: TURNER CARROLL GALLERY, 725 Canyon Road. Santa Fe, NM 87501, USA

WHEN: June 22nd through July 9th 2007
OPENING RECEPTION Friday June 22nd 5-7 p.m.

Artist Statement:

At this time I consider my works to be a type of visual poetry. It is a stream of consciousness type whose push over rides rule of punctuation. This is not regard of disregard for a set of formal rules. This is an integrity of approach that respects all things as having artistic potential. Words and color speak in paradox and polar equivalents that balance each other in opposition. There are allusions to stability and in stability.
Architecture and day dreams urging a union of dissimilar objects. It is a union and tension of opposites. I am responding o a collective consciousness that manifests itself as an aura of time passing. Words and images hang in the air finally gathering on a receptive surface.
My work is an ongoing process of collection, accumulating and excavation.
---Maurice Gray


Who: Koo Schadler

What: Illuminations: Recent work inspired by Medieval and
Renaissance Manuscript Illuminations.

Where: TURNER CARROLL GALLERY, 725 Canyon Road.
Santa Fe, NM 87501, USA

When: July 20th through August 10th 2007
OPENING RECEPTION Friday, July 20th 5-7p.m.

About the Artist:

With highly refined skill in technique and design reminiscent of the Old Masters of the
Northern and Italian Renaissance, Koo Schadler delivers consistently to her audience
the most exquisite renditions of portraiture and still life created by modern painters
world wide. Koo attended the New England School of Classical Painting and the
College of Marin before embarking overseas to Italy, where she both studied at the
Studio Art Centers International and held an apprenticeship with Peter Foster. After
returning to the United States she received her BA in Art History and began presenting
her work in various reputable exhibitions.

Egg tempera painting consists of three simple ingredients: powdered pigments, egg
yolk and water. Paints are made fresh daily, and applied to a panel covered with
traditional, handmade gesso. The paint is applied very thin; often transparent coats
of pure color that dry to the touch within seconds. Scores of layers are needed to
build up an image, and the result is a rich and luminous surface of many interacting

Most of Koo's paintings are egg tempera with oil glazes. When the work is nearly
complete, she applies four to eight thin coats of oil paint over the tempera. These
glazes saturate and deepen the tempera color and result in a deep, glossy finish. In
spite of the oil-like surface, her paintings are nearly all egg tempera.

What: European Photography curated by Mark DiPrima

Who: Sibylle Bergemann from Berlin
Diana Blok from Amsterdam

725 Canyon Rd. Santa Fe, New Mexico USA 87501

When: July 13th - August 1st 2007
Opening reception Friday, July 13th 5:00 - 7:30

TURNER CARROLL GALLERY presents photographers
Sibylle Bergemann and Diana Blok: Reception with the artists Friday July 13th, 5:00 to 7:30 pm.

The exhibition will feature work by two outstanding European artists, Sybille Bergemann, an installation photographer and native of Berlin, and figurative photographer Diana Blok, originally from Montevideo, Uruguay who has spent most of her life in Amsterdam.

Bergemann's "Dream Factory" series of installation photographs from the film sets of German filmmaker Wenzel Storch are kaleidoscopic renditions of fantastically-charged spaces removed from any secular reference. The images involve a rich documentary collaboration within the film director's spatial cornucopia, where the artist utilizes an available assemblage of elements to assert an absurdist fairytale.

Diana Blok's figurative and portrait photography spans thirty years of exploration on the intimate themes of family and personal relationship. Her "Family Project in Progress" series involves an elegant examination of her extended family that reflects back on her nomadic life as the daughter of an international diplomat. In particular, a series of portraits of her parents reveal a delicate and profound beauty that transcends sentimentality, but achieves the sublime essence found only in graceful aging.

Contact: Mark DiPrima or Joseph Morris

Hung Liu: Solo Exhibition

August 10th through 27th
Reception with the artist Friday, August 10th, 5:30-7:30pm

The installation will feature original paintings on canvas, her most recent mixed media resin and oil pigment paintings, as well as her tapestries.

"When you see different sides you begin to realize how complex history is. One of our neighbors in Texas was a veteran; he told us that during the Korean War he flew over China to drop bombs, but when we went away he looked after our house. Neighbors become enemies, become friends again; it is a very strange thing. The complexity of history is not a one-sided story. There is no clear answer. I think you should leave the ambiguity there forever."

-Hung Liu Interview in her Oakland, California studio, March 2007

Social and artistic histories course through Hung Liu's work. With her confident athletic gestures of painting on canvas, her slick, alluring resin and oil pigment works, Hung Liu has for more than 30 years represented figures based on 19th and 20th century documentary photographs depicting the life and struggle of China. Her art training as a social realist along with her witness to a devastated homeland allow her the depth and capacity of emotion to paint with a fierce commitment and strength.

Almost all of Liu's painterly characters are primarily women workers---prostitutes, laborers, and acrobats, all of who have navigated China's shifting cultural conditions. By surrounding her figures with traditional but symbolic elements, she blesses their past of torment and strife with a sense of honor and dignity. Liu's father was a Captain in the Nationalist Kuomintang and spent most of his life imprisoned by the Communists. The waves of Mao's Cultural Revolution washed through the youth culture of China and Hung Liu herself spent four years in a "re-education camp" working in rice fields seven days a week.

She was born in Changchun, China in 1948. After earning a BFA at the Beijing Teacher's College, Hung continued her studies at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. She emigrated from China to the US in 1984 to attend the University of California, San Diego, where she received an MFA. She currently lives in Oakland and is a tenured professor in the art department at Mills College. Her work is included in major museum collections throughout the country.

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