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Press Releases - Next Door Gallery

Next Door Gallery, located in Seoul, Korea is pleased to announce a group exhibition, Next Door Presents! Part III. The exhibition opens on May 13 and will run through May 31, 2009. It will feature emerging Korean artists represented by the gallery, Sohyun Kim (painting), Sohee Kim (photography), Jiyoung Kim (painting), Jeeyoung Min (painting), Jungkuk Park (Asian painting), and Jeongeun Yiyi (painting).

Sohyun Kim uses a printmaking tool, squeegee to form geometric shapes and applies bright Lego-like colors in her painting. Each unit here is treated like an organic being and gains vitality through the dripping technique. Her painting, recalling a combination of urban architectural structures and bucolic lake, represents the contemporary landscape. Kim studied printmaking at Hongik University, Seoul and painting at Rutgers University, NJ, USA.

Drawn to self-portraits, playing a double role of photographing and being photographed, Sohee Kim is well known with her 60’s style, black-and-white series on suicide through her two solo exhibitions titled Why. Her new series titled Wings of Desire reveals the feelings of confusion, anguish of a person who had committed suicide but then descended on earth as a fallen angel, and her wish to become a human again. The new series is in the 70’s analogue color tones. Kim’s new series was awarded with prestigious Korea Photography Criticism Award in 2008. Kim majored photography at Sangmyeong University, Seoul and is currently in the master’s program at Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA.

Jiyoung Kim creates a poignant landscape with symbolic and surrealistic elements. The painting is rich in texture and lyrical in contents. Kim’s organic abstraction has a power to lead us to look back on our mixed feelings of enjoying and being afraid of loneliness at the same time. Kim majored painting at Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul and Claremont Graduate University, CA, USA

Jeeyoung Min paints an urban residential space which looks like a dreary concrete box. As the inside of the self is connected to the space of the other through doors, corridors and windows, the unsettling space is not partitioned but continues in the psychological relationship. Using a limited palette in her color field abstraction, Min creates an illusive light in the space; thus the space is mystifying and confusing like a labyrinth but not dark with the elusive light. Min studied painting at Hongik University, Seoul and New York University, NY, USA.

Jungkuk Park paints a windowless red brick house and incidents happening around the house, repeatedly on a series of panels. The viewer will recognize a common, main figure, the house first but then move their attention onto dissimilar elements. However, the sequence-like stories get ambiguous as the artist intentionally excludes a narrative from the painting. Park studied Oriental painting at Hongik University, Seoul.

Jeongeun Yiyi is interested in wholesale marts as an icon of capitalistic consumption that grows bigger and larger every day. The high ceiling and tall columns that create architectural spectacle and the grandiosity of piled-up merchandize suggest a true picture of a post-industrial era; they are also visually intriguing. Yiyi uses a one-size small brush to fill the large composition. In this way of mark-making, her painting looks clear from a distance but gets blurred when being closely looked at. It also implies how we, as consumers, feel about ourselves within and out of the capitalist system. Yiyi studied painting at Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.

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