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Press Releases - Kunstraum

Andrew Lacon's (b. 1985 in Dudley, UK) work examines the material relationships of images to objects, pointing at the picture as a physical form. In his practice Lacon makes visible the material layers that constitute the image. Lacon's work Studio Sculpture (2014) functions as photo made sculptural, its form borrowed from studio photography – a draped backdrop composed within a framing device – but physically manifest in steel and velvet. In addition Lacon will make an intervention into the gallery lighting – filters in primary colours over the three skylights. A single framed photocopy from a reproduced detail of fabric folds on a Berlini statue will be partlially lit by a pool of this filtered light. Just as Studio Sculpture is developed out of research into the use of drapery in photographs of sculpture, the lighting intervention reflects on the historic use of reflected colour to give marble statues a lifelike appearance.

Eva FĂ bregas' (b. 1988 in Barcelona, Spain) work is centered around mobility of everyday life within modernity. For the exhibition at Kunstraum she will use found material in the form of Scandinavian caravan brochures, where the caravans are presented not just as useful commodities, but as the modern life fantasy of a return to a primitive past. FĂ bregas will present these found images on a background of wallpaper derived from decorative patterns found in the brochures. All around the floor space of Kunstraum will be a colony of moving sculptures made from brightly coloured foam packing materials used for protecting fragile items in transit. The sculptures will slowly move around the exhibition space mimicking the swarming behaviour of insects. Like the images of caravans, the packing foam pieces touch on ideas of endless mobility, they are an essential part of the global movement of commodities, but reaching their destination they are discarded.

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