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Press Releases - 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

Founded by Katie de Tilly, the 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, has been at the forefront of contemporary art in Hong Kong since it opened in May, 2001.

The gallery focuses on both established and emerging artists from Asia and beyond and is committed to bringing a breath of fresh air to the Hong Kong art scene by showing works that can expand horizons and open minds and to remind us that art is not just decoration for our walls but a connection with our deep inner selves and the world around us.

The gallery’s continuing success has been made possible by Katie de Tilly’s determination to make bold choices and not to pander to trends or fashion in the art market but to focus on artists with both a dynamic vision and integrity. Katie de Tilly’s discerning eye and passion for all arts forms has positioned the gallery as Hong Kong’s key destination for anyone with a love of contemporary art.

The growth of the gallery required expansion and the 10 Chancery Lane Gallery Annex was established in 2006. Based in a warehouse space in Chai Wan, the Annex is an exciting new venue for showing large scale exhibitions and works on a grand scale than cannot be accommodated in Central. Due to the success of the Annex, in April 2008 a further and even larger space in the same building was acquired by the gallery and 10 Chancery Lane Gallery - Art Projects was born giving exhibiting artists a platform to create and realize their artistic ambitions to the full.

The gallery has participated in many international art fairs, including CIGE (Beijing), Arco (Madrid) and Art Miami, ShContemporary (Shanghai), Art Paris + Guests (Paris), Melbourne Art Fair (Melbourne), Art Stage Singapore (Singapore) and ART HK (Hong Kong).

Active since 2001 and celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery has been an important contributor to Hong Kong’s growing arts development. The new space brings a new program of artists from Pan Asia as well as continuing to support and exhibit the gallery’s established artists.

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