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Erotic Art is not a new concept. Ancient civilisations have, through their art, expressed their appreciation and fascination of the male and female love in all forms - from fresco's found in tombs, ancient manuscripts, pottery, sculptures and mosaics.

Erotica, by sheer definition, is 'literature or art intended to stimulate sexual desire' and as such is often labelled as specifically for the sex industry. Certainly, some pieces do raise eyebrows, but others are simply stunning examples of studies of the human form expressed in watercolours, oils, pencil, photographs, sculptures or a combination of them all.

The Old Barn at Beaumont Hall Studios, once a 15th century monastery and set in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, is the home of the Guild. It is now an art gallery and an interactive working studio where artists can exhibit and demonstrate their work.

The studio layout is open plan, retaining its 15th century character, and there are 25 artists exhibiting at any one time. These range from oils, pencil, watercolours, bodycasting, stone and bronze sculptures, photography, and much more.

The Guild of Erotic Artists was formed on 7th November 2002 to bond and unite a network of artists that can use the studios' facilities as a platform to interact with each other and the public for the first time in art history.

The Guild's membership extends across the globe from the UK to Europe and the USA. From this movement of motivated artists, the Guild has grown steadily. We hold monthly demonstrations where one can meet the artists and their models. The public are encouraged to participate and cameras are allowed at management discretion.

The Guild also takes their show 'on the road' and regularly features at Erotica in London. They have also exhibited across the country including Brighton, Edinburgh, Whitehall, Barbican, and Birmingham. Amongst the forthcoming plans is a European tour. Vol 1 & Vol 2 of the Book of The Guild are available as well as a DVD showcasing some of members at work over the past 6 years.

The energy and enthusiasm created by The Guild members, is infectious. TV shoots for ITV, BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5 as well as Sky Arts, Granada 'Men & Motors' and Playboy TV in the USA show how enthusiastic they are. The experience is unlike any other, informal yet powerful, electric but always focused. The demonstrations are a show within a show and are not to be missed. Using their own models, the showmen in them comes out and they feature bodycasting, photography, sketches and painting. Visually spectacular, you will not see this at the Tate Gallery!

All the artists take on individual commissions and all requests are dealt with confidentially. Visit The Old Barn at Beaumont Hall Studios, the home of Erotic Art and the home of The Guild of Erotic Artists.

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