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'Industrial Landscape'
The term landscape is often associated with the environment, bringing to mind images of the countryside however we live in an industrial age and industrial has developed its own landscape.

Transient. Passing with time; not lasting or enduring; transitory; lasting only for a time; temporary.

A series of images created on self-made pinhole cameras that explore the transient nature of people and the permanence of their mark on nature. Images that are more about the passage of time than about representation. The long exposures required for large format pinhole cameras give the images a ‘mysterious beauty’ unique to pinhole photography.

'In A Moment'
With more than sixty years of community service Polaroid succumbed to the popularity of digital and in February 2008 announced that it would cease manufacturing instant film.

This exhibition is a tribute to the art, craft and nostalgia of instant film

'Celebrating Pinhole Photography and World Pinhole Day'

A hundred million years ago an inland sea flowed from the Gulf of Carpentaria to the Diamantina district of Western Queensland. What now remains are flat-topped mesas that rise eerily from the desert floor providing a unique environment where twisted arcasias cling to the deep rifts.
Cinematographer Russell Boyd describes Bob Kerseys images of the Diamantina district of Western Queensland as a respectful appreciation to the breathtaking creations of Nature and makes one realise how insignificant our lifetimes are in time, compared to the millions of years of erosion taken to form this wonderful landscape.
The photographs exhibited are contact prints from 12x20 inch negatives in platinum/palladium and silver. Most are the newer Ziatype process hand coated onto 100% rag art paper.

Miscellanea Photogenica is a homage to the father of photography, William Henry Fox Talbot (1800-1877).

Drawn from the art, craft and science of photography the Ellie’s images are evocative yet quiet and wistful. These images offer a timeless quality, reflecting the natural world though the exploration of texture, shape and design.

Now of historical interest Smallman’s images convey the sheer beauty of Antarctica. There is also a trace of the fragile balance of nature, a reflection of the future and what we maybe losing.

'Bromoil, 100 Years On'
This is a collection of works including vintage images from members of the Bromoil Circle such as the founder Sam Weller and past presidents Frank Williams and Trevor Jones. The Melbourne Camera club has also been very generous in providing vintage Bromoils by Harold Cazneaux and John Eaton.

International artists include Sam Weller, Tom Shipley, L.A. Howell, F.E. Jones, Trevor Jones, Frank Williams, and Maija McDougal. Representing Australian artists are Harold Cazneaux, John Eaton, with new works by Robert Carew, Wendy Currie, Karena Goldfinch, Bronwyn Hendy, and Christine Lim.

'The Gathering'
Twenty seven Australia photographers dedicated to the use of large format cameras.

'Different Takes'
Six Melbourne artist who specialise in Gum Bichromate, Gumoil, Bromoil, Photogravure, Polaroid Transfer, Van Dyke Brown and Cyanotype.

'Studies in Time'.
Gumoil and photogravure works by Karl Koenig. 4 July to 24 August 2007

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