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Previous Exhibitions - Connoisseur Art Gallery, Singapore

March Featured Artist: YAN Ya Ya
11 - 31 March, 2009

YAN Ya Ya was born in 1964 to the ethnic Man group on Shaanxi, China. As one of the best known female artists in China, YAN is known for her breathtaking technique and her heart-wrenching portraits of the Uyghur children in Xinjiang, China, where she travels to at least once a year. To her this journey is a personal pilgrimage and it is her love for the culture, land and children that has inspired her to depict their lives, laughter, and even sorrow on canvas. Although life is still mostly nomadic and the climate is harsh, YAN finds the simple joys and innocence of the children captivating. YAN has an amazing ability to capture the emotional expressions of the children vividly, and her use of broad brushstrokes and thick layering of oil create a sense of movement and texture in her works. Her colourful and vibrant portrayal of the children, painted in a beautiful light, truly reflects her love and passion for them.

"Hutong Memories" - Group Exhibition Featuring ZHANG Guo Ning
2 - 28 February, 2009

“Hutong” is an alley formed by lines of “siheyuan” (a compound of rooms around a courtyard). It is a typical sight of Old Beijing which has witnessed the evolution of custom and history of the city. Growing up in a Hutong himself, ZHANG bears special feelings towards the fading structure and once said that “the hutongs are a cultural treasure on par with the ruins of ancient Greece”. A master of light, ZHANG vividly captures the different seasons and time through the day with much confidence, be it the cool morning sun, or the warm glow of a spring afternoon. Celebrated for his artistic virtuosity in depicting the most unique and traditional characteristics of the hutongs, the quiet and pristine images depicted in ZHANG’s works give a sense of tranquility which contrasts with the bustling city streets in Beijing today. His mastery in the depiction of textual differences and subtleties of light gives his works a photo-like finish, and every weathered tile, brick or stone sculpture testify to the passage of time. Through ZHANG’s works, we can experience the walk down Beijing’s complicated maze of hutongs and visualize a glimpse of life in Old Beijing. Not only are ZHANG’s works artistic masterpieces, they also serve as preservations of Beijing’s culture and history for generations to come.

New Works in the New Year
Group Exhibition
1 - 31 January, 2009

As everything starts anew in the New Year, Connoisseur Art Gallery proudly presents a refreshing group exhibition to showcase both new works and the beautiful collection of paintings by our stable list of established contemporary Chinese artists. One of the featured artists is still life master LIU Ying Zhao (b. 1956, Heilongjiang, China). Using mainly fruits and Chinese pottery as his subject matter; LIU has masterfully portrayed the different textures of each item and juxtaposed the light and shadows in great detail which are well thought out and executed to perfection. LIU’s paintings create a very powerful visual image and leave his viewers with a lasting impression.

X'mas @ Connoisseur Art Gallery
10 - 30 December, 2008

The year wouldn’t be complete without a good celebration at Christmas. Connoisseur Art Gallery celebrates this Christmas with a month-long exhibition from Dec 10 to 30. This group exhibition will showcase the artworks by our principal Chinese and European artists such as JIA Juan Li, GE Shu Qing, ZHANG Guo Ning, Christian GAILLARD and Dorina MOCAN. Another highlight is the new arrival of works by renowned Chinese artists Zhang Da Zhong, whose Red Guard series has always been an intriguing subject matter and LIU Ying Zhao, one of the greatest living realism still life master artists from China today. The works by these internationally-acclaimed artists truly boast of their technical superiority and artistic virtue in their respective field of expertise and choice of distinctive subject matter.

"Treble Personalities, Treble Meanings" - Solo Exhibition of Chan Yu
20 November - 5 December, 2008

After a successful run in Hong Kong this July, Connoisseur Art Gallery and Connoisseur Contemporary bring the solo exhibition of Chan Yu to its Singapore gallery. The 26-year-old is fast gaining international recognition; having exhibited in the MacDonald Stewart Museum in Guelph University, Canada; Saint Tropez, France; and in Asian cities such as Beijing, Chongqing, Guizhou, Shanghai, Taipei, Jakarta and Singapore. His works have also been showcased in Art Taipei and Art Singapore 2007 and ShContemporary in Shanghai and KIAF in Seoul in September this year.

This exhibition presents a series of colourful, iterated images presented in a playful yet academically intellectual style. A result of Chan Yu's creative conceptualization, they represent the social context in which they are associated with and provoke questions about their existence and meanings.

Arise – Contemporary European & Chinese Fine Art
15 October - 15 November, 2008

Titled “Arise”, Connoisseur Art Gallery proudly presents a myriad of amazing contemporary Chinese and European artworks by its pool of stellar artists from the parent gallery and its two other art spaces in Hong Kong – 82 Republic and Connoisseur Contemporary. In this group exhibition, Connoisseur Art Gallery juxtaposes the young with the established, the contemporary with the classic and the oriental with the western, allowing its viewers to be exposed to a wide range of contemporary Chinese and European Art at the same time. This exhibition is also held in conjunction with ENCORE! The European Season in Singapore.

82 Republic – The Birth of a New Generation
10 September - 10 October, 2008

This is a special one-time group exhibition of seven young Chinese artists from 82 Republic, and this will be the first time we are showing these artists’ works in such a scale in Singapore. The seven artists, while different in their artistic styles and employment, have a lot in common. Born in the early 1980s, they are China’s “Generation Y” – a generation growing up under the one-child policy in China and in an environment of rapid development, strong economic growth and optimism for the future. Without the same political and social baggage as their predecessors, their works are fresh and original; full of wonder and intrigue; provoking the audience to wonder about the effects of the single-child policy in China; the international exposure they receive from an internet era; and simply – their mindsets. This exhibition is a fringe event of the Singapore Biennale 2008 as part of their “Wonder” theme, and is also endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board.

Made in Beijing
2 - 24 August, 2008

After months and years of preparation, all eyes are on Beijing this month as Olympics descend on the city in China. At Connoisseur Art Gallery, we pay tribute to the city’s long cultural and historical legacy with “Made in Beijing” – a group exhibition of art works depicting sites of ancient Beijing and art works by artists born, bred or based in Beijing.

Summer Collection by Connoisseur Art Gallery
1 - 31 July, 2008

In line with our flagship gallery in Hong Kong which holds a summer exhibition almost every year, Connoisseur Art Gallery will be showcasing our collection of artworks by our principal Chinese and European artists such as JIA Juan Li, GE Shu Qing, TSUI Tin Yun, Christian GAILLARD and Dorina MOCAN. The artworks by these internationally-acclaimed artists boast of their technical superiority and artistic virtue in their respective field of expertise and choice of distinctive subject matter. Another highlight of this summer exhibition is the inclusion of a selection of artworks by the new generation of artists represented by 82 Republic – a concept and art space in Hong Kong developed by Connoisseur Art Gallery to promote artists born only in the 1980s. For the first time in Singapore, we will be bringing together the refreshing and never-seen-before artworks by young art stars – CHAN Yu, GUO Hongwei, ZHUO Siwei and LI Shurui – in a single display. These young artists creatively employ strong hues of colours and inject their own original concepts in their artworks – their uniqueness representative of the new generation in China yet defying current perspectives and trends in today’s contemporary art scene.

Dissolving Memories
Solo Exhibition of GUO Hongwei
12 - 24 June, 2008

Connoisseur Art Gallery holds its first solo exhibition for the year with works by young Chinese art star, GUO Hongwei. Born in Sichuan, China in 1982, the 26-year-old is a top graduate from the prestigious Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. GUO uses art to recall his childhood, and images of his childhood for his art as he believes that memories are imprinted on the brain, like marks. With this approach, GUO cleverly dissolves his portraits so that a sharp image become a mark; making it look less like an image but more like a stain, one that appears to be dissolving yet does not dissolve completely. GUO’s quietly powerful portraits are notable for their spare use of colour, and the resulting monochrome paintings are reminiscent of fine Chinese porcelain while also referencing the traditions of black and white photography – recast and reinvented in blue and white.


A Connoisseur's Birthday
Group Exhibition to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Connoisseur Art Gallery in Singapore
1 - 31 May, 2008

Join us as Connoisseur Art gallery celebrates its very first birthday in Singapore with a spectacular month-long exhibition in May. Opened at the prestigious Raffles Hotel in May 2007, Connoisseur Art Gallery has been exposing its viewers to a wide collection of artworks by its stable list of established contemporary Chinese and European artists. The rotating exhibition this May, titled “A Connoisseur’s Birthday”, will present a powerful and dynamic month-long display of its finest Chinese and European art; featuring artworks by our most important artists. Two artists, Chinese female artist JIANG Cong Yi, and award-winning landscape artist, GE Shu Qing, will be featured for the first time in Singapore in celebration of Connoisseur Art Gallery’s first anniversary.

Faces of China
Group Portrait Exhibition
1 - 30 April, 2008

Connoisseur Art Gallery is proud to present “Faces of China”, a group exhibition which allows you to experience China, bringing you from one era to another and across the different ethnic groups in China. Without having to travel through time and cross borders within China, this exhibition gives you a glimpse of the different faces of China, and unveils the rich culture of China embedded in the artworks of the featured artists JIA Juan Li, WANG Jian, DAI Ping Jun, YAN Ya Ya and XIE Heng Xing. Come witness the ever-changing faces of China at Connoisseur Art Gallery from April 1 – 30. It will be a worthwhile art experience with the history and heritage of China presented through the works of these highly-acclaimed contemporary Chinese artists.

Enchanted Meetings
Solo Exhibition of Swedish artist Dorina MOCAN
30 Nov - 15 Dec, 2007

Drawing from her Romanian background and inspiration from the Gotland landscape, an island of Sweden, the artist will present a series of paintings that unite mythological themes with classical symbols to celebrate childhood – the main theme of this exhibition. Each painting signifies an enchanted meeting she’s had, with an object, a person, or a memory based on her childhood days. So vivid are MOCAN’s paintings that they inevitably lead us into the artist’s world of imagery, and her world of childhood, where we can escape the world that we belong to and enter into a secret place that is timeless and childlike.


Faena - The Spirit of Matadors
Solo Exhibition of French Master Painter Christian GAILLARD
18 - 31 Oct, 2007

An inaugural solo exhibition of French master artist, Christian GAILLARD in Singapore. Renowned for his outstanding portraits of some of the greatest living matadors, GAILLARD brings out the gracefulness and confidence in each of the matador. His breathtaking painting technique gives life to every piece of work he creates; winning him numerous honours including an award at the Salon de la Marine Exhibition, and 1st prize at Real Masestranza de Cabeleria de Sevilla, Grand Prix de Peinture. Come experience the spirit of matadors and catch a glimpse of their richly and brilliantly coloured robes called the Suits of Light.


Tales from the Forbidden City
Solo Exhibition of Paris-based female Chinese artist JIA Juan Li
20 - 30 Sep, 2007

The first solo exhibition in Singapore of highly-esteemed female contemporary Chinese artist, JIA Juan Li. The artist draws her inspiration from the Qing dynasty court life. Captivated by the splendor and the mysterious ambience of the Forbidden City, she depicts palace interiors, garden scenes and portraits of Qing ladies dressed in fine traditional robes. Through the artist’s impressionistic and delicate works, be transported into the historic era and catch a glimpse of court life during China’s last dynasty.

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