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Previous Exhibitions - GX gallery

'Slippery Fictions' - Harry Brereton

Private View: Friday 16th May 7:30pm
17th May – 5th June 2014

Harry Brereton is a recent Painting graduate from the Camberwell College of Arts. His works include paintings, drawings and sculptures, exploring the relation between the natural violence of life and humour as a tool for dealing with it, through a mixture of contrasting visual languages, from realism to expressionism and illustration.

'En Plein Air' - Colin Halliday

Private view: Friday 25th April 7:30pm
26th April – 15th May 2014

Colin Halliday’s new works continue his enthusiasm for landscape and nature, and reflect his growing interest in outdoor painting. Halliday’s noteworthy method of applying thick oil paint aims to emphasize the objectness of paintings themselves and their multiple dimensions.
This most recent body of work sees Halliday working on an unprecedented scale and with an increasingly vivid sense of gesture. Pursuing exciting new formats and challenges, the exhibition promises to reveal the excitement that a new generation of painters have to offer the venerable tradition of landscape painting.

'Amor Hereos' - Armando Almedar Ara

Private View: 4th April 2014 7:30pm
5th April - 24th April 2014
Amor Hereos – Elusive Love captures the power of love through imagination and will. Armando masterfully accentuates these ideas in his new body of work, celebrating forms that are corporeal and yet could also be a figment of imagination or a dream; frozen moments where the pursuit of love is portrayed and celebrated as an end in itself. We are delighted to celebrate Armando’s 2014 exhibition at GX GALLERY in what is to be the 12th year of witnessing the evolution of his highly original abstract style of painting – modern, fresh and yet imbued with traditional Renaissance values.

‘Psychedelic Soul’- Stephanie MacKenzie

Exhibition: 8 Mar-27 Mar 2014
Private View: 7 Mar 7:30pm

Award Winning Canadian-born Artist Stephanie Mackenzie is a vibrant up and coming NEW Talent of the 21st century.
While looking at Mackenzie’s work, we are confronted with multiple layers, brash colors and intricate designs that tie together through storytelling and blended archetypes which bring a rich dimension to her work.

Collectable Prints 2014 EXHIBITION

Exhibition:15th Feb–6th March 2014
Private View Fri 14th Feb 6:30pm

Yankel Feather (1920-2009)
Exhibition: 18th Jan-13th Feb 2014
Private View: Fri 17th Jan 7.30pm

GX are proud to feature special works for acquisition from the collection of the late Yankel Feather's estate.

'Act Natural' - Tristan Pigott

Pigott's paintings are simple explorations of huan characteristics and constructed identity, best known for playful interpretations of proportion and ideas of the surreal.

Inherent- Josip Lizatovic

18 Oct 2013 - 6 Nov 2013

Lizatovic’s clear compositions and dynamic use of colour characterize his unique style of figurative painting. The paintings are elaborated in the finely shaded reduction of motifs and colour, yet accompanied by the authenticity of observed subject.

London Prints & Originals Ed Gray

02 Oct 2013 - 06 Nov 2013

We are pleased to announce that the Gx Gallery is mounting an exhibition of the prints and original work of the artist Ed Gray from 2nd October to 6th November.

Flock 2013
Artists selected from 2013 BA Fine Art degree shows
Exhibition: 10th August - 4th September 2013

Nature and People
Stefano Paolicchi
Exhibition: 1st April - 1st May 2013

Steel Sculptures and Wall Pieces
Daniele Dell'Angelo Custode
Exhibition:1st April - 1st May 2013

Eleanor Watson and Benjamin Bridges Ending 28th February 2013

Sole: Earth, Sea and Sky
Michael Sole
Private View: Friday 1st March 2013 @ 7:30pm
Exhibition: 2nd - 28th March 2013

In The Night Garden
Carlos Cortes
Private View 16th November 7.30pm
17 November 2012 - 29 November 2012

Nature or Nurture
Tristram Aver and Michael O'Reilly
Private View 12th October 7:30pm
13 Oct 2012 - 01 Nov 2012

Armando Alemdar-Ara
Private View 28th September 7.30pm
29 September 2012 - 11 October 2012

Flock 2012
Private View 7th September 7:30pm
8 September 2012 - 26 September 2012

Jonna Pedersen
Private View 17th August 7.30pm
18 August 2012 - 30 August 2012

80th Birthday Show
Sir Peter Blake
Private View 3rd August 7.30pm
4 August 2012 - 16 August 2012

Colin Halliday
Private View 6th July 7.30pm
7 July 2012 - 26 July 2012

Michael Sole
Solidarity of Color
private view: 15 June 7:30pm
Exhibition:16 June2012 - 04 July 2012
Exhibition of Michael Sole's Seascapes and new light filled landscapes.

Tom Philips
South London Dreaming
Private View: 25th May 2012, 7.30pm
Exhibition: 26th May - 3rd June
The exhibition marks Tom Phillips RA 75th birthday, featuring a wide survey of originals, lithographs, etchings, drawings, and sculptures relating to his locality, South London.

Bjorn Eriksen
In Between
Opens: 13th April 2012
Exhibition: 14th April - 2nd May, 2012
Bjorn's works captures the moment when things or conditions change - when everything is still in flux.

Alice Wisden
Opens: 23rd March 2012
Exhibition: 24th March - 12th April, 2012
New paintings and prints from this inspiring and significant young artist.

Works on Paper
Private View: Friday, 9th March 2012, from 6 to 8:30pm
Exhibition: 10th March - 22nd March, 2012
La Scatola Gallery in association with GX Gallery presents 'Works on Paper'.

Tal Regev
Private View: Friday, 9th March from 6 to 8:30pm
Exhibition: 10th March - 22nd March, 2012
La Scatola Gallery in association with GX Gallery present Tal Regev's first solo show DEPART, at a poiny when painting is finding its position renewed; Regev is at the forefront of this.

Raymond Brownell
A Road Less Travelled
Artist Reception: Friday, 17th February 2012, 7.30pm
Exhibition: 18th Feb - 15th Mar, 2012

Peter Brooke-Ball
Recurring Themes
Exhibition: 18th Feb - 15th Mar, 2012

Limited Edition Prints Exhibition
Sir Terry Frost, Sir Peter Blake, Rob Ryan, Sandra Blow, Beryl Cook, Barbara Rae, Brad Faine, John Hoyland, Donald Hamilton Fraser, Storm Thorgerson, Brendan Neiland, Patrick Hughes, Maurice Cockrill and Bruce McLean
Private View: Friday, 13th January 2012, 7.30pm
Exhibition: 14th January - 15th Febuary, 2012

Yankel Feather (1920 – 2009)
Intimate Secrets
Private View: Friday, 25th November 2011, 7.30pm
Sunday Private View: 27th November 2011, 2 - 4 pm
Exhibition: 26th November – 10th January, 2012

Martin Grover
Private View: 28 October 2011, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Exhibition: 29 October -24 November, 2011

Ed Gray
All This Useless Beauty
Private View: 30th Sep 2011, 7.30pm
Exhibition: 29th Sep- 20th Oct, 2011

Sir Peter Blake
Private View: 15th June 2011, 7.30pm
Exhibition: 16th June - 11th August 2011

Nigel Cox
Private View: 3rd June 2011, 7.30pm
Exhibition: 4th June - 27th June 2011

Armando Alemdar Ara
Engaged Form
Private View: Friday 20th May 2011, @ 7:30pm
Exhibition: 21st May - 2nd June 2011

Michael Sole
Power, Light & Luminosity
Private View: 15th April 2011, at 7.30pm
Exhibition: 16th April-18th May 2011

Colin Halliday
An Illuminated Land
Private View: 4th March 2011, 7.30
Exhibition: 5th March - 23rd March 2011

Meditations of a Solitary Walker
Randy Klein
Private View: Friday 25th March 2011, 7.30pm
Exhibition: 26th March - 13th April 2011

Max Viccardi
Private View:Friday 4th February 2011, 7.30pm
Exhibition: 4th February - 2nd March 2011
Arcs of colour cradle deftly turned, detailed and hand worked metals that have been allowed to organically evolve from Max’s vision.

Yankel Feather
5th December 2009 – 14th January 2010

RAs Past and Present by Sir Terry Frost RA - Sandra Blow RA - Donald Hamilton Fraser RA - Barbara Rae RA - John Hoyland RA
6th February 2010 - 25th February 2010

Raymond Brownell Crystallisations: Making Order Visible
27th February – 18th March 2010

Randy Klein: Metacollage
10th April – 29th April 2010

Josip Lizatovic: New Work
Private View: 19th March
Exhibition: 20th March – 8th April 2010

Da Mental Vaporz: Graffiti
Private View: 30th April
Exhibition: 1st May – 20th May 2010

New Works by Colin Halliday
From Pastoral to Subline
Exhibition: 22nd May- 10th June 2010

New Paintings by Ed Gray
Mind out of Time
Private View: Fri 11th June 2010 7.30pm
Exhibtion: 12th June - 8th July 2010

Armando Alemdar-Ara
Raw and Refined
Private view: Fri 9th July 2010
Exhibition: 10th July-22 July 2010

The Spirit of the Angel
Private View: Friday 23rd July 2010
Exhibition: 24th July-5th August 2010

Alice Wisden
Private View: Friday 10th September 2010
Exhibition: 11th September-23rd September 2010
Working with lost and found memorabilia Alice cleverly creates characters in her oil paintings that resonate within the identity of the individual viewer.

Carlos Cortes
Cars, Men, Flowers and a Birdhouse
Private View: Friday 24th September 2010, 7.30pm
Exhibition: 25th September - 6th October 2010
An extraordinary exhibition of weird and wonderful oil paintings.

Nigel Cox
Friends, Heroes and Strangers
24th October – 12th November 2009

Max Viccardi
19th September – 22nd October 2009

Genera on Celebratron
Dan Jamieson – Tom Saunders –Nik Jones – Luke
August – 17th September 2009

Katherine Cuthbert
14th November – 3rd December 2009

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