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Alex Frost: BBQ

BBQ is the title of this exhibition of new work by the Glasgow-based artist, Alex Frost. The exhibition will include a range of new sculptures and drawings that relate directly to the residency Frost undertook in late 2007. These works play upon the concept of the rural retreat in contrast to the artist's urban, or specifically suburban, standpoint. BBQ is presented in association with Milton Keynes Gallery.

The works for ArtSway will follow on closely from his previous 'adults' exhibition at MK-G in 2007. Previous projects by Frost have included a large-scale, mosaic scultures that compliment the 'blind drawings' series. These mosaics depict the commercial packaging of products such as Ryvita, Earl Grey Tea and After Eight Mints. These items were chosen for their references to sophisticated, social and grown-up lifestyles - inspiring the exhibition title BBQ. The sculptures which will be on show in Alex's February exhibition, refer to civic sculptures or murals and have been cited both within the gallery setting as well as in the public domain. They have been installed in a range of urban environments - areas of wasteland fenced off awaiting development, an outdoor cafe, within a multi-purpose arts centre and on the exterior of a gallery overlooking a flyover. These sculptures and drawings simultaneously echo handcrafted intensity and hands-off technological processes that are integral to the artist's work.

In particular, the 'blind drawings' use a technique specially developed by Frost where images are rendered in pinpricks that perforate a sheet of paper. Enamel is then painted through these perforations to create an image with a surface that refers to both circuit boards and needlework: a virtual clash between the handcrafted and the technological.

The work to be shown at ArtSway uses new and recycled motifs that are fed through a 'pastoral filter' with jarring results. For example, a series of mosaic panels depict logos as if seen through the surface of a pool of water; these panels reference nature through their rendering but the logos represent technological formats such as Compact Disc, DVD and Dolby.

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