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Previous Exhibitions - Indian Art Ideas

1 - Colors - An Art Exhibition:

An exhibition of selected masterpieces by few Indian contemporary and modern artist held in Jaipur, India 2008.

2 - ART ECSTASY, an exhibition of affordable Art

The Gallery “Indian Art Ideas” organized an exhibition “Art Ecstasy” showcasing more than 50 art works by eleven talented Indian artists comprising of paintings, drawings and sculptures on 26th and 27th June, 2009 at Attic, New Delhi, India. “Attic”, one of the prominent places to showcase the best of Indian sculptures and paintings, did not just draw in hordes of visitors but also cemented the reputation of India’s talented contemporary artists.

The exhibition was enthusiastically welcomed by artists, art lovers, critics and curators from in and around Delhi. Artworks displayed captured viewer’s attention through their colours, images and expressions. While Anup Kumar Chand’s water color brilliantly showcased the relation between human beings and chilli/capsicum, the conflict of human persona and society was beautifully highlighted by artist Gurukinkar Dhang in his paintings. Exhibited at the exhibition these paintings stood alongside more of similar brilliant paintings, drawings and sculptures by artists like Anirban Seth, Sekhar Annythole,, Paras Dasot, Prakash Pore, Vipul Prajapati etc.

All in all the exhibition aimed to bring a splendid collection of artworks together for visual pleasure of a vast majority of upcoming art enthusiasts and to the appreciation of many upcoming art investors. Mrs Shilpi Agarwal, the Creative Head of Indian Art Ideas (a premier interactive online art gallery in India) expressed her heartfelt thanks to all who made the show a success and added “There is demand for genuine artworks and the buyers are choosing to invest in art. They are searching for fresh venues to explore the right art and therefore, we must organize regular art shows, camps and exhibitions so that chances are created for better selection,”

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