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Previous Exhibitions - Galerie Judy Straten

6-07-2014 until 31-09-2014 ''REVIEW SCOPE BASEL 2014''. Ellen Urselmann (NL), glassworks; Atelier Uraiqat (Amman, Jordan) paperworks; Paul Bourgeois (B), works on paper (books); Lachaert & D'Hanis (B), objects; Paulette in 't veld (NL), collages (prints) and installation.27-10-2013 untill 01-12-2013
''38'' paintings by Karin Hoogesteger. Fashion design by Petra Schuddeboom.01-09-2013 untill 20-10-2013
''A Line'' works on paper: Lenneke van der Goot, Clementine Oomes and Simone Hooymans. Ellen Urselmann ''10 years-artist'' new glassworks and special edition.25-11-2012 till 13-01-2013
Thomas Nowotny: 'Cloudscrapers': foto's. Richard Hutten, Ka-Lai Chan, Ellen Urselmann: Design14-10-2012 till 18-11-2012
'Don't Disturb' foto's 'The Lonely City' foto's, Ron Mennen and Rolf Maas. RM.
2-09-2012 till 7-10-2012
Space 1: ''Nature''. Jacomijn van der Donk: Jewelry and objects. Danielle Frenken: drawings. Marianne Lammersen: Objects. Judith van Vliet: Fashion.
Space 2: works on paper.
Roel Sanders, Clemetine Oomes, Sjaak Korsten, Tessa Liefering.
30-06-2012 till 20-08-2012
Space 1: Cyril Le Van, installations.
Space 2: Works on Paper. Roel Sanders, Clementine Oomes, Sjaak Korsten,Tessa Lieffering.
08-06-2012 till 24-06-2012:
Space 1: SCRMS vs Noelson. Installations, drawings, objects.
Space 2: Drawings. several artisits.
15-04-2012 till 3-06-2012:
Space 1 and Space 2:
JeanGuillaume, Peter Willemse, Joyce de Gruiter. Paintings and Objects.26-02-2012 till 07-04-2012
Space 1: Clemetine Oomes, mixedmedia/paper
Space 2: Stock Photographie: Thomas Nowotny, Barbara de Vries, Sjaak Korsten
Backspace: Review Object Rotterdam en RAW-Art-Fair Rotterdam01-07-2011 till 26-08-2011
Space 1 : Sjaak Korsten & NGispen
Space 2: Diederik Schneemann

27-03-2011 till 15-05-2011
spaced 1:
Cornelie Samsom & Harry Koopman
Space 2:
Polman & Woodburn
Video room:
Maaike Mekking, fashiondesign
27-03-2011 till 15-05-2011
Space 1:
Cornelie Samsom & Harrie Koopman
Space 2:
Polman & Woodburn
30-01-2011 till 20-03-2011
Space 1:
Esther Bruggink & Cristina martins
Space 2:
Ka-Lai Chan

12-12-2010 till 23-01-2011
Space 1: Review 10
Space 2: Sigi Perree
24-10-2010 till 5-12-2010
Space 1: Iris Frerichs
Space 2: Dagmar de Kok
Video Room: Leoniek Bontje

02-07-10 till 02-09-10
space 1 & 2:
space 3:
Pascal Smelik
Glass objects

02-05-10 till 27-06-10
space 1:
Geert Koevoets, photo and light, mixed media
space 2:
Ellen Urselmann, objet trouve, glass
space 3:
Marly Gommans, Dressed wood

21-03-10 till 26-04-10
space 1:
Adalbert Gans, mixed media on paper
space 2:
Gans & Einkemmer, photography
space 3:
Marly Gommans, Dressed Wood

31-01-10 till 14-03-10
Lucy Borghouts, Anne von Freyburg, Sjaak Korsten

13-12-09 till 24-01-2010
Roel Sanders in Space 1, Scrmn vs Noelson in Space 2

18-10 till 06-12 Heiner Geisbe and Celine Schroeder

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