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Previous Exhibitions - SIP (Shelter Imaginary Point): PROTECTIVE FLOWERS

Male and Female. Jam Gallery, Kyiv
To 100 years of abstract art, The Municipal museum by Kroshytsky (Sevastopol,Crimea);
"SIP: Shelter. Protective flowers". Art people gallery, Kiev;
International Festival GOGOLFest, Arsenal Museum, Kiev,
IX International Festival of submarine image "Silver Shark", Sinema House, Kiev;
Shelter Project-2: Sky, Ocean, Land, National Museum Chernobyl, Kiev;

Shelter Project: Sky, Ocean, Land, National Museum Chernobyl, Kiev;
Stars of Tralfrealism: the live flowers and the live pictures, Enigma gallery, Kiev;
Beatles mania, Da Vinci gallery, Kiev; Gogol Fest, Art Arsenal museum, Kiev;
The color of woman’s look, Ukrainian House, Kiev

The miracle of Fatima, Enigma Gallery, Kiev;
The miracle of Fatima, Park of Friendship of people, Kiev;
The Way of your Look, Enigma Gallery, Kiev;
Jackson Pollock and tralfrealists: Lavender Tralf Mist, Enigma Gallery, Kiev;
Jackson Pollock and tralfrealists: Lavender Tralf Mist, Enigma Gallery, Kiev (film)

Jackson Pollock: reconstruction and reincarnation, Vetryanye Gory, Kiev;
Victim and revival (by 20-th anniversary of failure at nuclear station in Chernobyl), Trukhanov Island, Kiev; Children in need auction of All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH (Entertainment complex Arena, Kiev);
Pineapples in champagne, Enigma gallery, Kiev

Chernobyl: Shelter, The project of the art-group Strontium-90, Chernobyl AES, Pripyat', Ukraine;
Birdinvest (catalogue), International art-project of Jo Dilo, Belgium, The Mirror, Dim Mykoly gallery, Kiev, Christmas, University gallery, Kiev

Dali – 100, Enigma Gallery, Kiev

New year‘s Kaleidoscope-2002, Nef Gallery, Kiev; Short story, Ukrainian House, Kiev

Meghasandesham (The project of group of artists Strontium-90), National Museum Chernobyl, Kiev; International ART-Festival-99, (catalogue), Ukrainian House, Kiev

International ART-Festival-98(catalogue), Ukrainian House, Kiev;
Welcome to Ukraine, University Gallery of National University of Taras Shevchenko, Kiev

The Ukrainian Festival of Modern Art Meta Art (catalogue), Gallery of the Union of Ukrainian Composers, Kiev

Opus Magnum, Vidrodjennya Gallery (International ART-Festival Ukrainian Classical, Vanguard and Modern Art), Kiev etc.
On December, 1, 2005, artists of "Strontium-90" visited Chernobyl nuclear power plant. On the site of the plant the artists honored the memory of fallen Chernobyl heroes at the victims' memorial. Sr-90 Group in ChernobylThe action was conducted on the eve of President Viktor Yushchenko's visit to Chernobyl.

In a meeting with the NPP management, the artists said they are beginning an art project under the name of "Chernobyl. Between the Past and the Future". The project is devoted to the 20-anniversary of Chernobyl accident and targeted at attracting attention to the problems of Chernobyl, including shutdown Chernobyl units and 'sarcophagus' facility. The artists are convinced that Chernobyl is not especially Ukrainian tragedy. Chernobyl accident is a global scale disaster, and its overcoming is still in need of common efforts of all mankind.

Politicians and experts have long said it is unacceptable to leave the shelter problems for future generations to deal with. The 20th anniversary of Chernobyl is a reminder that a new generation has already grown up since the accident. What kind intellectual and technical heritage has received new generation? What is Chernobyl for them? Nothing more than a horror story told by older people? The artists say it is not allowed the problems to be forgotten by society with the change of generations.

n April, 22, 2006, the International Day of the Earth, artists of the group "Strontium-90" have conducted the action under the name of "Oblational Rising". Fishes purchased from fishermen were released to Dnieper River. By way of this "immolation in reverse" artists call people to show good will for the sake of saving all living things on the Earth.

The artists call to refuse human sacrifices which are still sacrificing to altar of material well-being in all branches of human life using technological innovations: from cookery and public transport up to aviation and nuclear power. The reason is imbalance between moral level of the community and level of those technologies which the society is trying to master. While this disbalance is not eliminated, the mankind is doomed to technological catastrophes.

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