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Previous Exhibitions - a.i.p.galerie artists in progress

seen and gone
Hu Xiang
Works on paper and video

The first viwed, before the recognition, passes by.
The Experience after the search turns into an invisible world.

August,19. - September,24.2011

Opening: August, 18. 7.30 p.m.

Seth Cluett
objects of memory
June, 24. - July, 30. 2011
objects of memory
I view the act of recording not as a object of memory in itself, but as a catalyst for imagination that mirrors memory in its manner of operation. I record to articulate the distance between remembrance and perception, amplifying the potential to forget. Like raindrops carving away at a roof or a stream impressing itself on stone, the persistence of recorded objects seems to strive towards permanence, both claiming and eroding space and etching a form of script on the mind.

Marius D. Kettler


Sound - Video - Installation
May, 20. 2011
May, 21. - June, 18. 2011
Dolores Flores

What is the name of this game ?

Sculptural Installation and
luminescent objects

February, 18. 2011

February, 19. - March 26. 2011

tue. - fr.: 3 -7 p.m.
tue. and sa.: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Paintings and works on paper

November 12 ,2010 till January 11. 2011

with the catalogue
"Kleine Arbeiten und Aussichten"

Friday November 12. 2010
7.30 - 10 p.m

Location: a.i.p.galerie artists in progress
suarezstraße 8 14057 berlin
030 89 00 59 73

tue. - fr.: 3 -7 p.m.
tue. and sa.: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Dolores Flores
06.09.2009 - 07.18.2009

Contributive Contrarians
Non conform in a society where globalization, medial manipulation, mass consumption, politics influence and rule daily life.
The loss of individual identity, personal expression and the destruction of the natural instinct.
Though the foundation for fulfillment is through reception of inner individual needs, values and awareness of authenticity.
In the installation a mass product (Tropfenfänger : the paper ring that is attached to the bottom of a fresh tapped beer to absorb the foam drippings) is used as an example for the masses that just function in our society.
The others (the beer people) are the individualists, they are the figures that are made out of the very same material (torn and folded).
The beer people are role models for another visionary dimension, with different perspectives in a evolutionary repetitive process.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau's "social contract" maintains that each individual is under implicit contract to submit his or her own will to the "general will."
This advocacy of subordinating the individual will to a collective will is in fundamental opposition to the individualist philosophy.
An individualist enters into society to further his or her own interests, or at least demands the right to serve his or her own interests, without taking the interests of society into consideration (an individualist need not be an egoist).

forgo - entsagen
Group show
The Golem
Hu Xiang
Marius D. Kettler

Room and Sound installation
07. 24. 09 - 09. 27. 09
The Golem
New Worlds

Dolores Flores
Walking the fine line
Audio visual room installation

Anna Berndtson
Video, photography, performance

Marius D Kettler
Actuismus VI
Sound installation,
calligraphic paintings

a.i.p.documentation.07 in
Kassel Germany

Treppenstrasse 10
34117 Kassel

actuistic glare on paintings and thunder objects
Marius D. Kettler

Dolores Flores "Power to the beer people", Installation, and object boxes.

Nichtkunst f√ľr Fortgeschrittene

Marius D. Kettler
05,23,08 - 07,03,08

Wat kiekstn - wassup

Scriptures and Textpaintings of Johann Manfred Kleber

vernissage: 08.04.08 7:30p.M.
05.09.08 - 24.10.08

219168 hours

"it was only one day"
Dolores Flores and Marius D. Kettler
First encounter on 7.31.1983
From the 11.11.1983, 12 o`clock official cooperation.
5.26.1986 first joint exhibition.
2.24.1987 founding of the artists cooperative gallery F.K.
6.30.1992 founding and first live performance of the music group ARTkustik art into music.
Two artists - two ways - one goal.
11.12.08 - 12.24.08
Opening: 11.11.08 7.30 p.m

Intension and veiled
Marius D. Kettler
actuistic structure paintings and sound objects

3 colours
Otto Völker

Beautiful red

Paintings and Pigment sculptures

Vernissage: September, 10, 2010 7 - 10 p.m.
Exhibition duration: September, 11, - October, 30, 2010

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