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* Three Art characters ( in December 1998 )by Artists: Ly Truc Son, Nguyen Bao Toan, Vu Thang.These are three artistic characters and three destinies totally unalike - or conflicting, if we put it differently - in the context of Vietnamese culture in the last two decades. Their skill was not deemed as an orthodox and pluralist art and they were not known as art workers who were constantly present at their daily creative work.
* Cat paintings (1999) by 26 artists.26 cats drawn by 26 artists are now on display at Codogallery on the occasion of “Ky Mao” Lunar New Year. They differ individually but each cat bears the spiritual expresssion and the personal appearance of its own author, as it was said in ancient philosophy: Man is measure for everything in nature.
* Hue’s paintings (In April-June 1999).Seven authors from the old capital city of Hue were introduced. As everyone knows, Hue has a great tradition of fine arts dating from 18th and 19th centuries, especially after it became the capital of the Vietnamese Empire at the dawn of the 19th century. At present Hue's cultural heritage is duly preserved and is recognized by UNESCO. Paintings in this city have their original style, truly meditative and poetic in character with elegant and melancholic tones and colors. Hue is noted for its "beauty and poetry" - this reputation has been handed down with praise - and accordingly the character of its inhabitants is quite distinct, different from those living in Hanoi or Saigon.
* Traditional Lacquer Painting (July-September 1999). by present-day Vietnamese artists. Specially designed for lacquer painting, this exhibition offered a panoramic view of the present state of lacquer artworks in Vietnam today. This genre of painting is a new one developed in the 1920s - 1930s by the teachers at the French Indochinese "Ðcole des Beause - Arts de L'Indochine" on the basis of ancient Vietnamese lacquer work. Pummicing now is done many times and the European rules of drawing, composition and perspective are suitably applied. After a period of stagnation due to the monotony of styles and lack of artistic media such as gold, silver, lacquer now lacquer painting has regained its high prestige thanks to some renovation in terms of new techniques and styles of expression. The Exhibition also included works from distant provinces namely Hue, Haiphong, etc.
* The Meeting 2000 (18 April-10 May).Young but highly talented ,Vu Thang is a rare phenomenon in Viet Nam. He did not receive much training and was not born in a locality rich in cultural traditions ( his home city in Hai Phong ). It seems that Thang is not under the influence of any feudal art ( such is the case of most Vietnamese painters). His talent rather stems from primitive emotions and present day art. Thang made rapid progress on the way of his sudden inspirations, apparently prejudice- free, unintentional, seeing no need to realise any target . His paintings was rushingly made according to his inspirations , during his daily contact with reproductions of European and Oriental paintings . As regards his method of painting , he leaves out the existing practices in Viet Nam in terms of languages and technique , considering them as a process impossible to preconceive.
* Inspiration of the Year 2000 (December 1999-February 2000). As an annual tradition, Codo Gallery organizes an art exhbition each year on the occasion of the Lunar New Year to display pictures of the symbolic animal of the Lunar Year. The above mentioned exhibition which marks the end of 1999 and also the close of the 2nd millennium will present 15 authors of 3 generations who are already celebrated both at home and abroad. Each author will exhibit one picture of the dragon as well as his selected works that are rich in styles, genres, topic and artisitc media. The pointers all live and work in Hanoi. This exhibition is held to greet the New Year and will last until Tet i.e. the Lunar New Year, the year of the Dragon 2000.
* The Horse Exhibition (Jan 2002)Horse is supple, strong and graceful. Horse is of heroic style of King Nguyen Hue when he entered into Thang Long on the 5th of the Lunar New year. It is of male valiant style of a fighter or hero Tu Hai. Horse is also a Romaic dream traveling in "half sober half drunk" state of a person in love.Horse is a thoughtful time - as stone horse in a majestic place, is the time passing quickly through our life. Horse is placed in the altar together with gods and goddesses to protect mountain and forests, land fields, rivers and oceans.

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