Submission Policy - Migration: A Gallery

Artist Submission Policies:

1) Thank you very much for your interest in a relationship with our gallery. We will do our best to honor that interest with careful attention to your submission. Please understand, though, that we have limited space and time and an exhibition schedule currently planned 12 months in advance.
2) The Gallery is pleased to receive slides or digital images of artwork from interested artists. We will review submissions on a regular basis, but it may take several months to make a decision.
3) Artwork chosen will reflect our mission: "The Gallery's mission is to discover, promote and place art which transforms the viewer through the work's exploration of our changing and evolving relationships with nature, each other and our own souls. After all, navigating these relationships are the real journeys of modern life."
4) With a commitment to a mission comes the inevitable fact that we will be in the position of having to decline to represent excellent artists. We also have a commitment of equal importance to our current artists.
5) If you would like us to review your work, either for an exhibition or for a chance to become a permanent gallery artist, please submit the following:
At least 10 images of your current work by e-mail or on slides or a CD or DVD. Images of past work are also appreciated. All images should be identified with size, medium, title, and artist's price.
A statement of why you feel your work would be a good fit with Migration: A Gallery
A resume with complete contact information
An artist statement
A self addressed stamped envelope for the return of slides or digital media.

Laura and Rob Jones, owners
Migration: A Gallery
119 5th St., S.E.
Charlottesville, VA 22902

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