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Submission Policy - Nguyen Art Gallery

Our mode of doing business is very simple. We are dedicated to promoting the work of emerging artists from across the country of Vietnam, providing quality artworks at affordable prices.
We have a no-nonsense guarantee principle – if within 10 days of purchase, a customer is unhappy with the painting purchased from us, we will, on its return to us in it’s original condition, reimburse the buyer with the purchase price in full. However, we will not bear the carriage costs.
We only sell original art works, for safeguarding our customer’s interests; we will issue a certificate of authenticity with each painting purchased. We buy our pictures direct from the artist. Each certificate contains an image of the painter and the painting, a reference number of the painting, the artist’s signature, the signature of a director of Nguyen Art Gallery and our undertaking that the picture is authentic.
We constantly visit the artists talk to them to understands their mind which showing a close and special relationship between artists and Gallery – we see many of the pictures from their conception through to the finished artwork. Our relationship with the artist is of most importance to us – we want the best quality emerging Vietnamese art works that is also authentic value of clients. For loyalty clients we will email address and person detail to up date news and discover new potential artists and latest art works available
Nguyen Art Gallery will act on behalf of clients in negotiation for selected pieces and will buy at major studio of artist in Vietnam on behalf of clients.

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