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Submission Policy - Edinburgh Printmakers

The Gallery Working Group (GWG) meets 4 times a year to assess Exhibition proposals. The group is made up of key members of staff including the Director and specialist arts advisors who may also sit on the Board of Directors as a Trustee, either way they must be voted into the role by at least 2 members of the organisation at the annual AGM.

There are no submission deadline dates for proposals, each proposal is considered at the GWG meeting following receipt of the proposal.

Stage 1
Artists applying for an exhibition will be asked to complete a simple summary application form, which once received by email is then presented to the GWG at the following meeting.

This form will request up to 800 words summarising the project, biographies of the artists, any funding confirmed/unconfirmed and 6 digital images. It will focus on the aims, objectives and vision of the project and not the project management of the exhibition.

Stage 2
The proposal is either rejected or the key points are approved for the next stage by the GWG.

Stage 3
If approved, the artist will be asked to complete a more detailed application form which, once received by email is then explored by members of staff in terms of production costs, possible partnerships, links with other areas of programming, public engagement, marketing and communications and possible income sources. Staff are then given a period of time, approximately 12 weeks, to explore development options.

Once the proposal has been developed, the full application form and the staff report will be submitted to the GWG for a final decision. If finally approved and adopted into the annual programme, the artist will be informed by writing.

When requesting an application form, please do so by email if possible and you will be emailed a digital copy of the form as an attachment in WORD format, with a copy of the gallery floor plans in PDF format.

We prefer typed digital proposals emailed along with images and a hard copy sent by post with images on a CD.

Email application forms (‘Exhibition Proposal’ as the subject) along with digital images to:

AND post a typed hard copy with images on a CD to:

‘Exhibition Proposal’
Gallery Working Group
Edinburgh Printmakers
23 Union Street

Guidelines for Digital Submissions

• Please label the filename of the digital images as follows: artist’s surname, artist’s forename - title of work. Please do not include any other information.
• The images should all be around 300 pixels per inch and 6cm high.
• You may include up to 12 images of high quality that reproduce the colour, tone and character of the work as faithfully as possible. Most images reproduce better when cropped in PHOTOSHOP to remove margins although this can vary.
• We accept 35mm slides or photographs, CD ROMs and Audio Visual material.
• Do not photograph work that is behind glass.
• Include the words ‘Exhibition Proposal’ as the subject.

Poor quality images will not be considered.

Guidelines for Posted Hard Copy Submissions

• If it is not possible for you to type the form, please use black ink and block capital letters.
• Do not staple or bind the application form.
• You may include catalogues, press cuttings and other relevant material (please include a SAE if you wish us to return any items).

Successful applicants will be required to sign an Exhibition Contractual Agreement that outlines the responsibilities of both parties towards realising the exhibition.

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