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Submission Policy - Satellite Gallery

Exhibiting at Satellite

From 2010 exhibitions at Satellite we be three weeks in duration. The gallery space is available at $750 for a three week show (plus GST). This fee pays for the use of the gallery, staffing six days a week, gallery promotion through the Depot Artspace publications and our regular exhibition insertions in free Web and newspaper slots as well as our evite invitations, designed and sent out to our mailing list. We require a bond of $200, which will act as a deposit and be deducted form your rental. Once you have decided to exhibit we ask for this deposit of $200.00 to be paid within two weeks to confirm your booking. A flat rate of 30% (plus GST) commission is charged on each exhibitors total sales. Commissions gained through your exhibition incur a flat commission of 30%.

If you are interested in exhibiting at Satellite please submit a proposal to us.

This proposal should contain the following:

* Artist's biography
* Artist's contact details
* An outline of the work you would like to exhibit; medium, size and approximate price.
* An idea of how you would present the work. (i.e. framed, mounted on board etc)
* Any themes, ideas or concepts pertinent to the proposed exhibition.
* Images of the work (or if not yet created, the style of work)

Please limit your written proposal to 3 A4 pages. You may email your proposal through to our director on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please ensure your images are less than 1MB each in size if you are emailing them through separately. Please make sure your images are clear and well labeled (dimensions, medium, estimated prices). Laying out your images in a PDF is a good idea so they can be viewed all in one file. If you have any questions or need help with this process please don't hesitate to contact our director

When assessing proposals the following criteria will be considered

* Whether the proposed exhibition comprises a coherent body of work
* If the works are prints, (photographic or printmaking), they are editioned
* Whether the artist is able to provide strong supporting material e.g. CV and portfolio (there is no requirement for the artist to have a strong exhibiting history or specific arts education)

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