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Artists Represented - Rafael Enrique Plata Casas

I represent young artists such as:

Walbert Perez, who influenced by the abstract expresionismo to shaped in its work a series of feelings that have their own track.

Rafael Gòmez, who through the expresividad of his paintings, manages to pass on the idea of a phenomenon that affects to our p `´is, but that we see reflected in the rest of the world for diverse reasons… the forced displacement.

Leonardo Rodriguez, is an artist who through a pure clasicismo, manages to print to his works a personal seal. Their works indicate in the spectator as a trip to a memory or remembranza that as characteristic owns the one that this experience is common to us to all.

Alberto Nuño, is a man who to evolved its work from the manifest clasicismo through his bodegones that marked a little while special in our art until the figurative abstraction, imbuida this one by the pre-Columbian influence that is pronounced through signs.

There are artists like Left Domingo, who constitutes itself in the unique Latin representative of the School of New York. Of Puerto Rican origin, bred in the United States and crossed by the world, to decided to come to our country for but of 30 years. Its work is the fruit of a constant to paint since it counted on 6 years of age and that it has been purifying under the trusteeship of teachers like the Japanese Matsumi Kanemitsu and the Jew-Russian Yonia Fain whom next to the experiences lived with the main representatives of the school of New York, they have printed in the maturity and force who pass on their linen cloths to the eyes of a good observer.

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