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First Name Ali
Last Name Meamar
Country United States
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Ali Meamar was born in Ahvaz, Iran, in 1956. At an early age, he moved to Florence, Italy, where he studied fine arts at the Academia delle Belle Arti di Firenze, and obtained a Masters in Fine Arts, with a specialization in Interior Design and Sculpture. In 1979, Meamar was selected as one of the top students in his class to meet Salvador Dali in Barcelona, Spain.

After earning a degree in Graphic Arts from the Accademia d’Arte e Design Leonetto Cappiello of Florence, where he studied under the tutelage of the Master of the Frescoes, Meamar spent some time designing and creating murals in the Veneto region (the area surrounding Venice, Italy).

In 1980, Meamar spent one year studying contemporary art in Paris. The next 10 years of his career were devoted to the exploration of surrealist art under the influence of Dali, whose encounter the year before produced a profound impact on the young artist. During that time, Meamar gained a lot of visibility in the European art scene through multiple shows in Paris (France) and Zurich (Switzerland), as well as in Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan (Italy).

In 1985, Meamar moved to California, where he continued to follow his own path and grow as an artist. In 2002, he opened ArtPeople Gallery in San Francisco, and has been showcasing his own work as well as the works of numerous international artists.

The scope of Meamar’s stylistic expertise ranges from classical to abstract. From Italy to California, many a blank wall has come to life under the artist’s genius, skill and sensibility. His expertise for classical design and ancient fresco technique has graced select private homes with scenes from the Renaissance period or Greek mythology. As an artist who has had the privilege to study in Italy with some of the greatest artists of this century in classical, modern, and surrealistic styles, Meamar draws upon his knowledge to add great breadth to his unique style. He finds new techniques to eloquently express his ideas, utilizing the mixed media format to be found in many pieces. A fond disciple of color, his works will never be found bland or sterile. He often prefers to use the dynamic color range of acrylics, casting them against paper backgrounds with plentiful use of light. One will always feel a positive emotion from these efforts, which reach across at many levels so that anyone may perceive it.

Meamar’s latest cycle of creation, entitled Circle of Love, features a series of works based on harmony, oneness and togetherness. The Circle of Love is a quality of boundless and gentle love, a delicate light experienced as the presence of softness, sweetness and generosity. It is not exactly a personal kind of Love; it is love for everything and everyone. Being in the Circle of Love is being cuddled by the infinitely loving arms of the universe.

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