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Tours and searches
Tours for children

Exotic animals, exploratory expeditions, a dollhouse, The Feast of St Nicholas by Jan Steen: our tour guides have the most exciting stories to tell about these and other features of the museum, just for kids.

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For more information: Events Agency, +31 20 6747191 (Monday-Friday, 9:30-12:30),

Tour prices:

€ 70,- for a tour of the highlights of the collection.

€ 80,- for a tour with a special theme.

Group size is limited to 15 children for each guide.
Join together in a search

Are you interested in visiting the museum with your children, grandchildren or cousins? Help make your visit fun for even the youngest member of your family by joining together in one of the searches.

The searches were created for children of various ages and with different interests, and can be purchased from the Information Desk for € 1,- a piece.
Join Gordon the Warden in looking for five of the Rijksmuseum's masterpieces (6-12 years)

This search leads you to a model ship, a doll's house, two portraits of powerful Amsterdam citizens, a fine mess by Jan Steen and Rembrandt's The Night Watch.

This search was created for children of 6-12, and can be purchased from the Information Desk for € 1,- a piece.

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