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25 March – 17 June 2007
The work of Georges Rouault takes us into a decadent early twentieth century society, through caricature portraits of clowns, nudes and troubadours. Roualt began his career with Matisse in the studio of symbolist painter Gustave Moreau during the 1890s. This exhibition serves as a meeting and confrontation between the fundamentally different approach of the two artists to life and art; Roualt presenting the misery and foolishness of man, Matisse in search of the profound balance of beauty.
The exhibition is organised with the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and benefits from the support of la Fondation Georges Rouault.

25 March – 17 June 2007
The museum if giving a carte blanche to the Manufacture nationale de Sevres from the 25 March to the 17 June 2007.
The museum chose to invite the Manufacture to conceive the hanging of a selection of contemporary productions following the exhibition Monique Frydman, la couleur tissée (shown at the museum in 2006), when a prototype for a porcelain piece from the Sevres studios was presented.
The Manufacture nationale de Sevres, founded in Vincennes in 1740 and moved to Sevres in 1756, is part of the government ministry of Culture and Communication. Its mission consists of producing porcelain art objects by employing manual methods that have been passed through generations since the eighteenth century.
The exhibition En Deux Temps is consecrated specifically to contemporary ceramic creation from the beginning of the twentieth century to today, presented in two parts (1930 to 1980 and 1980 to the present).
The first part focuses primarily on the 1950s and 60s, and includes work by Alexander Calder, plates by Serge Poliakoff and Agam, and pieces by Yves Millecamps and Raymond Subes. A monumental vase by Robert Couturier exhibits purity of form much like the work of Hans Harp.
The second part presents contemporary pieces, including the coloured geometric creations of Ettore Sottsass, and a unique piece by Aurélie Nemours, 135cm tall and composed of several superimposed layers of porcelain. Work on plates by Francois Morellet, Pierre Buraglio, Genevieve Asse and Bernard Piffaretti demonstrate the various possibilities offered by the famous Sevres blue.
The exhibition also presents original drawings, an explanatory display and a documentary on the Manufacture studios and the creative process which takes place there. A series of photographs by Sophie Zenon depicts the ceramic artists themselves at work.
The exhibition puts into value the Manufacture’s ancestral know how and its association with contemporary creation, presenting the work of Agam, Arman, Alechinsky, Arp, Asse, Buraglio, Calder, Charlemagne, Cloud, Couturier, Derny, Dewasne, Debré, Downing,
Fumeron, Gauvenet, Guitet, Giolioli, Hajdu, Jacquot, Millecamps, Morellet, Nemours, Paulin, du Pasquier, Peduzzi, Penalba, Piffaretti, Piza, Poliakoff, Rapin, Royer, Ruhlmann, Sottsass, Soulages, Steinberg, Subes and Thomen.

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