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Facilities - British Museum

Main Entrance Great Russell Street-Access (stairs and lifts). The Main entrance (South side, via Great Russell Street) has 12 steps with handrails at each side. There is a self-operable lift on both sides of the steps where a bell is available for visitors requiring assistance.

Montague Place/ North Entrance-The Montague Place entrance (North side) provides a level entrance to the Museum and a lift taking you to levels in the Museum building. Please note that access from the North lift to the Main floor of the Museum is on level 0.

Internal access-Access to the Clore Education Centre and the Ford Centre for Young visitors is by the South self-operable lifts in the Great Court.

Access to the Upper floors can be gained by using either the North lift or from the lifts in the Great Court which are self-operable lifts located in the South portico and East and West of the Great Court. Please note that the Upper floors from the Great Court lift are on level 6.

Access to the Joseph Hotung Great Court Gallery, Room 35 level 3, is by the East and West lifts in the Great Court.

Access to the Africa Gallery, on level 0 is by 37 steps in Room 24 or by the East and West lifts in the Great Court.

Access to the Reading Room is at the South side of the Great Court on the Main floor.

Accessible Toilets are located in the Great Court, in the Ford Young Visitors Centre and the Clore Education Centre.

Guide, hearing and assistance dogs are welcome. Dog bowls are available from the Information Desk.

Wheelchairs are available at both entrances, free of charge.

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