Forthcoming Exhibitions - Hayward Gallery

Hayward Gallery
17 May - 19 August 2007
Antony Gormley is one of the pre-eminent British sculptors of his generation. For this important solo exhibition at the Hayward, his first major showing in a public gallery in London, Gormley will present a series of large-scale installations, including several newly commissioned works that dramatically engage with the gallery’s architecture. Addressing fundamental questions of the body and space, appearance and disappearance, transformation and transcendence, the exhibition also includes an ambitious new public project, Event Horizon, featuring some 30 sculptures sited on the rooftops of buildings across central London. Spreading outwards from the Hayward, the figures face back towards the gallery’s robust architecture, evoking feelings about self and survival in the city.

This exhibition is sponsored by Eversheds LLP.

Hayward Gallery
4 October - 30 December 2007
Curated by Hayward Gallery Director, Ralph Rugoff, the exhibition explores one of the most influential developments in the history of contemporary painting: the use and translation of photographic imagery. The first major museum survey of its kind, The Painting of Modern Life, charts the evolution of this ‘post-painting’ movement over the past 45 years, beginning with seminal photo-inspired works from the early 1960s by painters such as Gerhard Richter, Vija Celmins and Robert Bechtle and more recently Ebehard Havekost, Elizabeth Peyton and Wilhelm Sasnal. Spanning five decades, The Painting of Modern Life reveals the surprising stylistic diversity of the works as well as the great variety of subject matter - from the personal to the political - addressed by the artists. By investigating how the significance and content of an image changes dramatically when it is translated into a different medium, the exhibition identifies the process of translation as central to the art of our time.

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