Groups - Museu del Cinema, Collecció Tomás Mallol

Price 4,5 € per person

The guided tour/ performance lasts about 1 hour.
The maximum number of people per group and actor is 30.
Two guided tours/ performances could be done at the same time.
Please make the reservation 2 weeks in advance.
This guided tour/ performance is available in any language.

If you are an adult group organisation and are interested in a special museum visit, you can choose from the following options:

General entrance for an unguided visit to the permanent exhibition: 2 € person

General Entrance with a guided tour in Catalan, Spanish or French: 2 € per person + 60 € per group.
The guided tour lasts approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. The maximum number of people per guide is 30. Please reserve the guided visits 2 weeks in advance.

General Entrance, with or without guided visit and a music of cinema session "Relive with music the best moments of cinema": 2 € per person + 60 € per group (without guided tour) or 2 € per person + 120 € per group (with guided tour).
The audiovisual lasts about 50 minutes. The visit to the Museum’s permanent exhibition can be done before or after the audiovisual (with or without guide). The two activities last about 1 hour 30 minutes in total. The audiovisual activity takes place in the Museum’s projection room. The maximum number of people per group is 25. However, 2 groups could undertake this visit at the same time. Please make reservations 2 weeks in advance.

Tel: (+34) 972 412 777
Fax: (+34) 972 413 047

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