Groups - Gernika Peace Museum

The Gernika Peace Museum provides daily guided tours at 12:00 and 5:00 pm. The tours are included in the price of admission, for individuals and groups to a maximum of 10 with no need for advance bookings.
Outside this schedule, guided tours may also be booked and paid for in advance (18 € per group).
All guided tours are available in Basque, Spanish, English and French, and the approximate duration is 45 minutes. This includes a full tour of the museum’s permanent exhibition.
If you wish to book a guided tour please email the Museum ( or fax (+34 946 258 608) with the following information:
1. Name of the group
2. Person to contact / person responsible for the group
3. Contact address / telephone / fax / e-mail
4. Date of tour
5. Time of tour (any time except 12:00-12:30 and 5:00 to 5:30 pm)
6. Language for the tour
7. Group age
Once the information is received, your visit is reserved.

These workshops offer the possibility of working in depth on interesting topics related to the culture of peace. Each temporary exhibition will have its own workshop and will be directed towards a specific group of people.
The workshops are done from Tuesdays to Fridays.
It is possible to do workshops at the weekend on the following days:
- Saturdays, for leisure and other groups: February 3rd, March 3rd, March 31st, May 5th, June 2nd, October 6th, November 3rd and December 1st.
- Sundays: January 21st, February 4th, March 4th, April 1st, May 6th, June 3rd, October 7th, November 4th and December 2nd.
In order to do the free workshops, you must reserve beforehand.

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