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- Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo

By becoming a member of MAM, you not only help maintain one of Brazil's most important cultural institutions, but you also become part of a select group of people associated with art, and take part in exclusive events and activities.
MAM members enjoy discounts at the Restaurant, Shopmam stores and courses arranged by the Education Department.
Members are invited to all exhibition openings and take part in MAM social projects such as the free visits programme for schools, study groups for teachers and services for people with special needs.
Take a look at the membership categories and their features; choose the one you like best. Welcome to MAM!
Tel: (+55) 11 5085-1330

MAM Contemporary Art Center it is an entirely new project in Brazil that aims to support the development of artistic production in the country, promote the exchange of information, educate new collectors and build MAM's collection of contemporary Brazilian art.
The Center's activities include visits to artists' studios and private collections, cultural travel in Brazil and internationally, debates and lectures, and exclusive events.
Income from membership fees and the ball is used to acquire art works for MAM's Contemporary Art Center collection.

Annual membership:
R$ 714 (individual)
R$ 1.208 (couple)

Members of the Center not only enjoy exclusive events but also have free admission to the museum and discounts at the MAM, Restaurant, the Shopmam stores and Education Department courses.
Tel: (+55) 11 5085-1311

Become a collector of contemporary art. Join MAM's Photography club and acquire new work by artists working or experimenting in the medium.
The aim of MAM's art clubs is to encourage collectors. These associations provide access to works of art and at the same time help contemporary Brazilian artists execute special projects.
The success of the Engraving Collectors Club prompted MAM to create the Photography Collectors Club in 2000. Every year, members receive five works especially conceived for MAM by artists selected by the curators. One hundred prints are made and one of them goes to the MAM collection.

Annual membership: 10 installments of R$ 189
Tel: (+55) 11 5085-1406

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