Previous Exhibitions - National Portrait Gallery

Josephine Baker: Image and Icon
Exhibited Nov. 24, 2006—Mar. 18, 2007

One Life: Walt Whitman, a kosmos
Exhibited July 1, 2006—Mar. 11, 2007

Eye Contact: Modern American Portrait Drawing
Exhibited July 1—Oct. 9, 2006

2,000 Years of Latin American Portraits
Traveling exhibition December 2004—April 2006

Gilbert Stuart
Traveling exhibition October 2004—July 2005

American Women
Traveling exhibition June 2002 —July 2005

Women of Our Time:
Twentieth–Century Photographs from the National Portrait Gallery
Traveling exhibition August 2003—February 2005

A Brush with History
Paintings from the National Portrait Gallery
Traveling exhibition August 2003—February 2005

Portrait of the Art World
A Century of ARTnews Photographs Paintings from the National Portrait Gallery
Traveling exhibition September 2002—January 2004

Portraits of the Presidents
from the National Portrait Gallery
Traveling exhibition

"Tête à Tête: Portraits by Henri Cartier-Bresson.
Exhibited October 29 —January 9, 2000.
"A Durable Memento
Portraits by Augustus Washington, African American Daguerreotypist"
Exhibited September 24 —January 2, 2000
"Edward Sorel
Unauthorized Portraits"
Exhibited July 2, 1999 —January 9, 2000.
"Ernest Hemingway A Writer in His Time"
Exhibited June 18—January 9, 2000.
"Hans Namuth Portraits"
Exhibited April 30—September 6, 1999.
"Marilyn Monroe in Korea, 1954 Newly Discovered Photographs by David Geary."
Exhibited Spring, 1998
"Franklin and His Friends Portraying the Man of Science in Eighteenth-Century America."
Exhibited April 16—September 6, 1999.
"The Amistad Case"
Exhibited Spring, 1999

"George and Martha Washington Portraits from the Presidential Years"
Exhibited February 19—August 8, 1999
"Paul Robeson Artist and Citizen"
Exhibited January 29—April 18, 1999.
"Philippe Halsman A Retrospective"
Exhibited November 6, 1998— February 7, 1999.
"Theodore Roosevelt Icon of the American Century"
Exhibited October 27, 1998—February 7, 1999.
"Celebrity Caricature in America"
Exhibited April 10—August 23, 1998.

"George Marshall Soldier of Peace"
Exhibited November 7, 1997—July 19, 1998.
"The Seneca Falls Convention"
Exhibited Spring, 1998

Edith Wharton's World"
Portraits of People and Places"
Exhibited September 26, 1997—January 25, 1998.
"Mathew Brady's Portraits
Exhibited September 26, 1997—January 4, 1998.

"Breaking Racial Barriers - African Americans in the Harmon Foundation Collection"
Exhibited January 31—September 14, 1997.
"Le Tumulte Noir
Paul Colin's Jazz Age Portfolio"
Exhibited January 31—September 14, 1997.
"Red, Hot & Blue
A Salute to American Musicals"
Exhibited October 25, 1996—July 6, 1997.
"Louis Armstrong
A Cultural Legacy"
Exhibited July 26—December 1, 1996.
Portrait of the Nation"
Exhibited April 12—August 18, 1996.
Painters and Poets of the 1950s"
Exhibited April 12—June 2, 1996.

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