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If you want to bring your class to the Louvre, you can choose from a program of structured activities organized by the museum, such as guided tours and workshops. Alternatively, you can take charge and organize your visit as you see fit. Here are a few tips to help you prepare.

General considerations
To make your visit to the Louvre as enjoyable as possible, you need to strike a balance by planning a small tour with clear pedagogical objectives. Opting for a specific theme will help you to select the most relevant works. Young visitors generally respond well to an approach based on the direct observation and description of artworks, with no assumption of previous knowledge. It is also important to consider the part of the museum you intend to visit: there is plenty of space in the Richelieu wing, for example, which makes it easier to move around with a group and gather in front of a work.

Before your visit
Select the works you want to see
– Do your preliminary research using the site search engine
– Check the schedule of room closures
– Consult the tours proposed on the site

Plan your itinerary
– Locate the works on the museum map
– Limit your tour to about ten works for a visit of about 90 minutes

Make a reservation
– Choose the date
– Consult the museum's calendar of activities and events

The day of your visit
On arrival
– Check in at the group entrance (Passage Richelieu, Galerie du Carrousel) with your letter of confirmation
– Go to the group reception area (Accueil des Groupes) under the Pyramid 15 minutes before your tour departure time
– Bring a minimum of personal effects, or allow for time to check items in

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