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Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

The newly constructed museum building in the Vienna Ringstraße was ceremoniously opened in 1891. For the first time, most of the imperial Habsburg collections were housed under one roof, the monumental building itself being conceived as a memorial to Habsburg patronage. The architects Gottfried Semper (1803-1879) and Karl von Hasenauer (1833-1894) designed the building in the style of the Italian Renaissance, establishing in the spirit of Historicism a link with an epoch of especial significance for the arts and sciences.

The magnificent architecture creates a fitting setting for the artistic treasures assembled by the Habsburgs, for centuries enthusiastic patrons and collectors. The collections of the Kunsthistorische Museum are amongst the most important and spectacular in the world.

On these pages we are happy to present to you the Kunsthistorische Museum (Main Building) and the Museum Neue Burg

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Permanent Collection

Picture Gallery

The distinct character of the gallery as one of the first princely private collections arises from its centuries-old history: Thanks to the patronage of individual members of the House of Habsburg, it presents an unrivalled richness in some genres of painting. Archduke Leopold Wilhelm founded the picture gallery around the middle of the 17th century with works acquired while he was Governor of the Netherlands. His collection of some 1400 paintings was mainly the product of the Venetian Renaissance (Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto), but also included major works of 15th to 17th century Flemish masters (van Eyck, Rubens, van Dyck).

Egyptian Collection

The Egypt Collection counts to the greatest collections on its subject with regard to its very extensive stock of monuments of the "Old Kingdom". The collection basically emerged in the 19th and 20th century, developed by purchases, donations and new acquisitions from excavations.
The most important part of the Near Eastern Collection are the monuments of ancient South Arabia. Most of these we owe to the activities of the Austrian explorer, Eduard Glaser (d. 1908).

Greek and Roman Antiquities

The Collection originating from the former estate of the Habsburgs is among the most important of ist kind in the world. The exhibits cover a period of history extending from Cypriot Bronze Age pottery from the 3rd millenium B.C. to Slavic finds from around the turn of the first millenium A.D. Above all, the collection is internationally renowned as the home of the unique cameos and archeological treasures dating from the Great Migration an the Early Middle Ages.


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Current Special Exhibitions


Masterpieces from the Habsburg Kunstkammer Collection
March 27 till July 22, 2007
Kunsthistorisches Museum,
Exhibition Hall VIII


History and Presence
An exhibition organized by the Kunsthistorische Museum’s Coin Collection, the Latvian National History Museum, and the Latvian National Bank
April 17 until September 30, 2007
Kunsthistorisches Museum,
Coin Collection


Court Arts from Nigeria
May 9 – September 3, 2007
Museum für Völkerkunde, Vienna

June 11, - Sep. 3, 2007
Natural specimens in the chambers of art and curiosities in the 16th and 17th centuries
An Exhibition of the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Natural History Museum

June 21, - Oct. 31, 2007
Childhood in the Renaissance and Baroque periods
Ambras Castle, Innsbruck

Sep. 18, 2007 - Feb. 28, 2008
Carriages from the royal stables of the Princes of Thurn und Taxis in Regensburg
Carriage Museum, Schönbrunn Palace

Oct. 17, 2007 – Jan. 6, 2008
and the Sensuality of Painting
An Exhibition of the Kunsthistorisches Museum and
the Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venice
Kunsthistorisches Museum

Feb. 12, - June 6, 2008
An Exhibition of the Kunsthistorisches Museum and
the Musée du Luxembourg, Paris
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Previous Exhibitions

The Greek poet Konstantinos Kavafis
An exhibition in the Coin Cabinet of the Kunsthistorisches Museum
in the framework of the event serie “Greek Fall Vienna 06’ ”
November 28, 2006 – March 31, 2007
Kunsthistorisches Museum

Triumph of the Body
An exhibition organized by the Kunsthistorisches Museum
In collaboration with the Museo Nationale del Bargello Florence
June 27 till September 17, 2006
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Special Exhibtion Hall

and the Renaissance of the Venetian Painting
An exhibition organised by the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the National Gallery of Art, Washington

Greek Icons from the Velimezis Collection
An exhibition of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna in cooperation with the
Benaki Museum, Athens and the Greek Foundation of Culture, Berlin
Dec. 13, 2006 – Feb. 25, 2007
Old Ecclesiastical Treasury
1010 Wien, Hofburg, Schweizerhof

Manhattan in Srebrenica / Srebrenica in Manhattan
Hommage an New York / In Honour of the City of New York
An exhibition organised by the Kunsthistorisches Museum at the
September 12 – October 22, 2006


Examples illustrating the development of Europe´s artistic diversity
An exhibition organised by the Kunsthistorisches Museum in connection with
Austria’s Presidency of the European Union

March 14 till June 5, 2006
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Special Exhibition Hall

The Art of Self-Staging
June 1 – September 17, 2006 ...+ [ Read all ]

Forthcoming exhibitions

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Main Building
Maria Theresien-Platz

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Pupils with valid ID ... € 3.50
Guided tour for school group ... € 40.00
Audio Guides in German, English
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Neue Burg
Entrance Heldenplatz

Adults ... € 8.00
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Vienna-Card Holders ... € 7.00
Pupils** ... € 2.00
Pupils with valid ID ... € 3.00
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For all other visitors the rental fee for one Audio Guide is € 3,00

Opening hours

Main Building
Maria Theresien-Platz

Tuesday - Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Thursday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Coin cabinet closes at 6 p.m.)

Admission till half an hour before closing time.

Please enquire as to which collections are partly or wholly closed because of renovations.

Neue Burg
Entrance Heldenplatz

Monday, Wednesday - Sunday 10am to 6pm

Admission till half an hour before closing time.

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Getting there

Main Building
Maria Theresien-Platz

To reach the museum from the Westbahnhof:
Take subway train U3 to the Volkstheater station.

To reach the museum from the Südbahnhof:
Take street car D to the Burgring/Kunsthistorisches Museum stop.

Public transportation:
U2, U3, D, J, 1, 2, 2A, 57A

Neue Burg
Entrance Heldenplatz

Please consult this map


Main Building
Maria Theresien-Platz

Entrance for the physically challenged:
Please use the lift at the entrance at Burgring 5

Art & Pleasure
in the Cupola Hall of the Kunsthistorisches Museum
Every Thursday from 6.30 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Information and table reservations:
Tel.: (+43 1) 526 13 61
Fax: (+43 1) 526 13 61

Every Thursday from 6.30 p.m. to 10 p.m. there is a buffet with hors d´oeuvres, hot Viennese dishes and sweets in the Cupola Hall. For a price of € 34 per person (Entrance fee excl. ticket for the museum) guests can eat all they like. Before, after or even in between, they may visit the picture gallery, which remains open until 9 p.m. The table is reserved for them for the entire evening, and guests can decide for themselves whether they would like to first have an aperitif or hors d´oeuvre before turning to the pleasures of art, only to return to the buffet to prepare for another round of viewing. Many regular guests invite their foreign visitors to join them in this unusual museum visit. The Cupola Hall also provides a popular and exclusive setting for birthday and Christmas celebrations.

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News and events

50 Masterpieces
worth a Pilgrimage:

On December 5, 2006, the "Guardian" put together a list of the 50 most significant pieces of art "you should have seen before you die". Blog author Jonathan Jones and the blog readers of the "Guardian" decided that Pieter Bruegel´s painting "Hunters in the Snow" at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna is one of them. See for yourself!

Art lovers - click here if you would like to view the other 49 masterpieces.

International Museum Day

On May 20, 2007 the entrance fees for all locations of the Kunsthistorisches Museum are at a reduced rate.


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Venue hire

The overwhelming architecture of the buildings offer you an unforgettable ambience for festive dinners, receptions and presentations:

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