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spiritual journey

Year Created:2012
Description: The main theme for the project was the absence of evil in photography. In the first place, the elimination of humans from the photographs will be seen as the means of removing evil. People within themselves are perhaps complicated and bring along a lot of emotional issues, which would be reflected in the photograph if they were present. It would sort of interrupt the beauty and peace of a natural environment. Travelling to places like Sicily and Edinburgh, I have managed to collect a series of photographs of my own. Empty landscapes are places where I was able to relax and reflect on several things without external distractions. Exploring natural landscapes, and only using natural light when taking pictures is a unique spiritual journey. Through this project, I have been able to appreciate nature much more, observing it to the finest detail and perceiving through the lens of the camera, aspects which I would never have caught through my naked eyes. Natural light itself can also change the perception of a place. The spiritual journey helps us to understand what our challenges are, and how to overcome them.

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