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Uamh Nam Bo Dubha / The Cave of the Black Cow / Old Tobermory's Cave

Description:HD Video, 5:26, 2012 Cave as wild contained space; condensed proximity of body, earth, culture and nature. Cave as first shelter of first people to arrive in mainland Scotland. Cave as first human dwelling place, primary shelter; first cultural, domestic and industrial space; first architecture. Out of time nature; confluence of ancient and recent history. The journey west, to the wild west, the escape, the frontier, the sunset, the romanticised west within (Scottish) landscape mythology. Both the periphery and the centre; the condition of travel; traveller between romantic escape and a primary need for private shelter. Archaeological process as authority, as rational discourse. Spoken narrative illuminating place, context and human presence; Gaelic, Cant and Scots. Finds evidencing human activity, direct connection with natural resource; sculptural crafting of objects for survival; utilitarian making process, primary labour. Narrator as expert, artist as expert; holder of knowledge, fact and fiction, truth and lies.

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