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Year Created:2012
Medium:Oil on canvas
Image Dimensions:150 x 120 cm each
Description:I will now explain my choice of title: Oracles. The oracles of Antiquity were the mouthpieces of the gods; they were people invested with the ability to converse with a world greater than ours, transcendental beings, gateways to the unknown. ‘Oracle’ also refers to the message uttered by that person; these messages were cryptic and the people the oracle addressed would have to decipher and interpret them. I therefore see the Oracle as both a being and a message whose mystery tempts us into decrypting it, even though its nature is to never be entirely comprehensible. The oracle, the person, will always be an entity of mystery, the guardian and embodiment of a world and essence that is Other. By being Other and belonging to the classical, the Oracle is the metaphorical embodiment of my work. The attempt to decipher the oracle, that actively questioning relationship we hold with it, is a reflection of the drive I consider crucial in my art.

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