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Year Created:2011
Medium:Oriented Strand Board
Description:A exact 1-1 scale replica of the pattern created by the temporary boarding-up of a large grid window front of Burgerking, Peckham, following riots and looting in August 2011. The original boards were removed by glaziers within 48 hours for further use, prompting a formal homage to their accidental but rigidly controlled aesthetic arrangement. Based on a couple of hazy mobile phone photographs and later measurements, these panels were arranged as described over 200 miles north of Rye Lane, in a vacant unit originally (a decade ago) intended for a restaurant within a shopping complex in Leeds. Reminiscent of 1980s Soviet computer strategy games, their static form conflicts but logically sympathises with the suspected cause of the looting; namely youth discontentment, boredom and desire for consumer goods.

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