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Songs of Acceptance and Approval

Year Created:2011
Image Dimensions:n/a
Description:A performance originally staged in the cramped confines of a terraced house’s cellar in Beeston, Leeds, and advertised through a series of banners and signs displaying lacklustre sentiments inspired by song lyrics. The performers were local folks singers and artists, familiar faces to the protest movement as well as the Yorkshire creative community. ‘Songs of Acceptance and Approval’ used antonyms of the term ’protest’ to describe a theme running through a collection of songs which do not aim to condemn and rally, nor champion and encourage, but rather express a resigned and consenting attitude to the status quo. This may be due to the author/artists’ satisfaction in their situation or maybe an apathetic disillusionment. These are/were not songs I have written, nor were they even written about or for this event; they are existing songs by various artists, themes and contexts, and as such will more than likely not have previously been associated with each other beforehand. I hope to draw attention to the non-attitude they share; not to criticise, but to examine what they have in common, and what the artist in each case considers the best path of inaction.

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