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Holy Simplicity - The Jan Hus Sabbatical Stipend

Year Created:2012
Medium:Cast Silver Commemorative token, glass, rosewood, paper.
Description:A take on a Maria Eichhorn work: Money at the Kunsthalle Bern, whereby Eichorn used the budget for a solo show at the Kunsthalle to repair long overdue faults with the building's appearance and structural integrity. Made specifically for an exhibition of works involving ‘activity not defined by its outcome’, (based on the Harald Szeeman-curated show "When Attitudes Become Form" also displayed at the Kunstahalle in 1969) I used the budget provided to buy an antique silver token, originally cast to commemorate the burning at the stake of a protestant martyr in 1415. It was exhibited alongside a proposition for a member of the curatorial team to make an autonomous choice to eschew the egalitarian organisation’s non-hierarchical structure, taking the token as ‘payment’ for assuming an authoritative and potentially divisive role as ‘Sabbatical Officer’, for and beyond the duration of the exhibition. A parallel offer was also made to any member of the group or public to simply remove the token for their own benefit, a heretical act for a small artistic community.

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