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Year Created:2012
Medium:mixed media
Image Dimensions:300cm x 200cm x 20cm
Description:Made for the Interim show at Chelsea, this work aimed to exploit a rudimentary understanding of chemistry and iron casting through a material with a natural but unearthly provenance. Buying an Iron-Nickel meteorite from the 1947 Sikhote-Alin fall in Russia, a mould was taken of its form to be used in its destruction and reconstruction. The meteorite was melted down and poured into the mould, creating a perfect cast of itself. It was displayed alongside a 3-metre high banner of the type normally found on construction sites, depicting a reversed image of its former self, while the copy rested on a black glass screen. The title refers the the site of its discovery, and describes a name from Russian folk myth meaning "Nameless", an equivalent to the German "Doppelganger". "Безымень" appears in a mirror when summoned by a witch, and to see it is an omen of impending death. The only clue to is provenance and journey is a list of "acknowledgements", chronologically letting on the processes and delegated specialisms required to bring about the transformation.

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