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Krystina Naylor

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Nottingham
Nottingham Trent University

I tend to work in sculpture as its initial function is to inhabit the third dimension, as do you, its viewer. Either the object its self or its situation should feel slightly odd. A paradoxical & circular concept aims to contradict the original object’s purpose. The sculptures refer back to trompe l’oeil, aim for dimensional disruption and ask for particular viewpoints. Ultimately, the work attempts to dissolve space through surface but still anchor themselves within a conceptual language; which in some way or another connects them to their predecessors as well as their immediate environment.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

‘The use of camouflage, no matter what the specific application, has certain basic requirements that must be met. First, the camouflage must be tailored to the observer. Second, the camouflage must deceive the observer into making a false judgment about the camouflaged object. The strategies of camouflage can be broken down into up to four categories, which are cryptic, disruptive, mimicry, and countershading. ’
^^ D. GODFREY, J. N. LYTHGOE, D. A. RUMBALL (1987). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society

Stating what comes next before actually starting the physical process always sounds a bit ridiculous when looking back.

I have surrounded myself in paradoxical concepts where the collapse is just as important as the illusion, and so I intend to circle back to the birth of the open box series and reduce perspective information. By doing this, the once acute illusion becomes an abstract obtuse version of it’s self. The forms I make need to refer to an already existing object, but it’s surface (or ‘skin’ as I like to call it) will confuse positive and negative space, through actual illusion or provide the promise of illusion.

The next series of objects will have leaning components, by which I mean need the support of a sturdier neighbour. There will be a particular viewpoint to reference the original, however, it will thrive in its abstract existence. A mask, a camouflage, an alternative self.

My Artworks (6)

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