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Clare Gallagher

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: Belfast
University of Ulster

My practice is concerned with everyday life - the ordinary activities, states of mind and conditions of existence that fill time outside the moments of drama and spectacle. I am interested in working with the sense of ordinariness inherent in the repetitive, habitual work of home while trying to appreciate the experience as simultaneously mundane and precious.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

I hope to embark upon a new project examining the Situationist potential of the everyday through the growth and habits of weeds. I think our ordinary surroundings might suggest and inspire resistance to the capitalist desire for commodity and spectacle.

Weeds use ingenious ways to find spaces in hostile environments to thrive, teasing the bureaucratic need for order and control. I think that observing and recording them offers a playful, life-affirming perspective that resists compartmentalised, judgmental thinking about our everyday environment and invites us to experience it anew.

My Artworks (6)

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