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Marianna Chojnacka

Born in Poland. Lives in: London
Middlesex University

I am currently exploring the use of portrait in documentary photography. In my work I focus on true nature of photographed people and reality they live in. I see my work as a set of events leading to one moment (an expression or gesture of photographed person), into which the whole story implodes. I believe that an honest approach and desire for recording the truth are essential in the work of documentary photographer. Only then produced images appeal to basic moral values of the viewer. I want my photographs to ignite the need for self-reflection and challenge generally accepted truths. My graduate show artwork has won D&AD New Blood award.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

In my future project I would like to focus on how the actions of individual echoes in the society one lives in. I have decided to make this project in Ĺ uto Orizari Municipality of Skopje in Macedonia, the place where Roma people make the majority of population. As Europe is facing many issues regarding nationality, identity and integrity, I believe it is essential to re-examine established views on those subjects. I would like to make a series of photographs documenting life of a nation considered by many as living 'outside' of 'European' society. I have chosen this topic and location to continue exploring the concept of defining ourselves through our perception of others, which I have worked on in my previous project.
My approach would be to contact local organisations, like Ambrela or Shutka Reporter, to gain access to local community and work closely with translator to be able to do a reliable research and a series of interviews. Gathered material would then be used for exhibitions, presentations and publications. The aim of this project is to contribute to the discussion on future development of modern societies and the role of individual in this process.

My Artworks (5)

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