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George Little

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London
Royal College Of Art

As a practioner the core of my work, the investigation is painting, but i also work in video, photography, installation, scupture and performance. I have created a system where by a questioning of the changing etiquette and manner around the service industry, (napkin folds, changing of wallpaper) and the restaurant/cafe as sites of artistic and critical thought and comment on activity. The nostalgic exoticism of a European Cuisine and Modernism intertwine, a sense of the Idyll. This internal processing and commentary allows the painting to become fully immmersed with the nuances around painting language

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

The practice will remain the same, where by a lot of activity occurs through painting, but this would remain separate from what i would set out to achieve with the funding. The funding would go towards the production of a sculptural installation. I have often worked with casting and mold making throughout my professional practice and i feel that a more in depth investigation similar to the way that the paintings a cooked up would be a worthy goal. My Auntie house has, pride and place next to a work of mine, these old jelly molds hung in a a constellation. This shift in objectile value and the swing of a domestic fetishism is a territory that i would like to push further. The creation of a positive and negative silicon mold and acrylic container would allow the creation of blocks (of varying size and material) whose main motif is a 1920's french aspic mold that has been sand blasted and taken the brunt of ages. An investigation into ageing and setting agents would give a different position to each one created. As it would be an additive process gradually over time. two molds on the go would be optimum. once produced these 'lego-esque' building blocks both inverted like the hanging ones on my aunties wall and as it would sit, sat in a draw. this could form a constellation within a space where they would be on the floor, raised in shelves , hung like painting facing outwards and set into walls that have been built to house it. the positioning would be key to a contemporary setting as the facile, slapstick appearance of the fruit bowl mold within historically wieghted materieal of plaster, Resin, concrete etc. This gesture and the similarity and repitition, take away certian 'high' notions of positioning around minimal sculptural installations.

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