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Paulina Voang

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London
University of Roehampton

My interest in model making evolved from a young age. I used to frequently collect materials from around the house to create objects such as a small set of drawers to keep coins, sequins and buttons in. I studied architecture for a year prior to my study of photography. I enjoyed the practical side of architecture, but realised that it was purely the construction of models that I was passionate about, so I chose to continue this artistically through photography, rather than pursue everything else that came with being an architect. I like to present the process of making each model alongside the final photograph as I believe that the method behind each image is just as interesting as the final product. The procedure undergone is where my passion lies. I currently have a few projects in development and I would like to work with larger scale models in the future.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

If I were chosen as one of the New Sensations, I would develop and expand the project I am currently working on that explores the city of London. This project will be a series of photographed scaled models reflecting some of London's famous landmarks/areas without necessarily showing the landmark itself but perhaps reveal the characteristics and atmosphere of London.

My Artworks (3)

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