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So Young Moon

Born in United Kingdom. Lives in: London
Chelsea College of Art and Design

I was born in Seoul, Korea and left there when I was 15. Since then communication has become most biggest part of my life. I had to learn how to talk to people. But this experience taught me that language doesn't mean anything. I have experiences of communication without proper lingual conversation. I am interested in participation of audience and interacting artworks. The works trace my own memories. However, I am trying not to directly appear them.I normally make small playful objects and leave them on the table. And observe how people treat these objects. That objects are made of fabrics, ceramics and sometimes found objects. Some people found my works look not serious, but I don't think my work had to be serious(I am actually serious when I am working on my works). I want people to feel easy to join my work thus they can make their own experience. I always seek for sharing an event with participant.

Artist photo

Artist Picture

Work of art I would like to make

I would like to make an interacting sculptures which can be enjoyed by anyone. I wish the audience to come and continue the narratives of my work like a general life conversation. Although I am using my own story as a resource, I still wish people to get their own reflections.

If I could have the chance, I would like to make some instrumental objects and set up an eventual installation with them.

Firstly, I might collect some life objects or some attachments (eg. contact lens, a letter, hair and broken piece of glasses). Each object has its own meaning and memories which was too private and will never appear to the viewers. I put those objects into jars or containers, tired to make them have an instrumental shape. They are all encouraged to be played by audience. I am still thinking about how it looks tangible and less fragile.

When the audience plays the objects, the own narratives become to have physical functions of rhythm and melody.

Aim of this work is to find how the personal narratives become an artwork and how the story can be shared.

Thank you.

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